8 Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

Updated: Jun 2

Hurray! A baby is born. At some point in your life, you will notice that the people around you will start having kids. Maybe you are one of them. When you have a baby your waste production might go up as well. What to give new parents that have a minimal environmental impact and is still useful? Here are my gift tips.

8 Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

Wooden toys

Wooden toys are much more sustainable than their plastic counterpart. It is much nicer to hold and it contains much fewer chemicals. Nowadays people are much more conscious about the pros of wooden toys and they are easier accessible. Make sure you buy toys that are certified safe. You don’t want wooden toys that are heavily treated with chemicals against fungi.

reusable baby wipes

Reusable baby wipes

I love my cloth wipes. You can read more about it here. I use cloth baby wipes for lots of things. Not only when changing a diaper but also after a meal. We do baby led weaning (read here more about baby led weaning) so sometimes pasta sauce can be behind her ears and in her hair. I also use the wipes in the kitchen and I sometimes use them to dust. In short, you can't have enough cloth wipes. 

Reusable swim diaper

Using cloth diapers is not for everyone. A reusable swim diaper is a lot less of a hassle so new moms are often much more open to it. Just like disposable swim diapers, they are available in multiple sizes or can be adjusted to size. They also have lots of super cute prints.

Baby showering glove

Bathing a baby can be fun but I enjoyed showering with my baby much more. A wet baby can be slippery. To have a better hold onto your baby while taking a shower, you can use a shower glove. This glove is made of cotton terry to have more grip on your baby. I liked showing with my baby much more compared to bathing and there is lots of skin to skin contact which we both liked. 

Babywearing wrap

Most babies are the happiest when they are very close to mom. To give mom her hands back, she could use a babywearing wrap. It takes a bit of practice but can be a lifesaver once you get the hang of it. Read here all about the advantages of wearing your baby.

8 Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

Natural rubber pacifier

Babies have a strong need to suck. A pacifier can be a solution. These are often made from synthetic material. These are completely made with natural rubber. This not only is much more sustainable in production, but it is also much safer as there are much fewer chemicals involved.

Drool bib

I don’t like giving baby clothes as this is subjective to taste. Babies also grow very fast and most parents already have bought baby clothing themselves or have received it. A drool bib is not something they outgrow fast. They are great for babies who drool when they are teething for example.

Extra large muslin cloth

These are great as burp cloths. These are often made with cotton but there are also ones with bamboo. The latter are super soft and are great for drying your baby after bathing or for swaddling. 

Giving new parents a useful gift can be a challenge. I hope this list gives you some gift-giving inspiration. 

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