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10+ Gorgeous Gift Wrap Alternatives

Updated: Jan 20

It’s (almost) the holiday season! That means family gatherings, excellent big meals, and gifts are coming up. And with them, unfortunately, lots of unnecessary waste. Of course, carefully wrapped gifts look great under the Christmas tree and in the pictures, but once the presents are opened, the wrapping paper will usually be thrown away immediately, without a chance to be reused.

So why waste your money on something that will bring just 5 minutes and joy but will pollute our planet for years? Here’s a list of sustainable and creative wrapping paper alternatives that will please your loved ones and the environment.

Fabric wraps

Wrapping things with fabric is by no means a new idea. In Japan, people have been doing it for centuries. The technique they used is called Furoshiki, and it features dozens of ways to wrap practically anything with fabric. All you have to do is find an appropriate piece of fabric and tie it around your gift. There are many Furoshiki tutorials you can find online, so even if your gift is odd-shaped, like, say, a bottle of wine, Furoshiki has quite literally got it covered. You can use kitchen towels, pillowcases, or old sheets and cut out the shape you need, but if you happen not to have anything at hand, check out the cotton Furoshiki gift wraps from our shop.


Old clothes

While this method will require quite a bit of creativity, you will definitely end up with a unique gift wrap that you can’t get anywhere else. You can use bigger items like scarves, t-shirts, and sweaters for the Furoshiki method, but smaller items might come in handy too. Pieces of old fabric from your clothes can be used to make great ribbons and bow ties, which will make the most boring box look more festive.

Paintings and drawings

Another great wrapping paper alternative for creative souls. If you happen to have little artists at home, they will be more than happy to create some art for wrapping the gifts for their family members. And if you’re on your own and running short on time and money, you can easily create something yourself with some sheets of paper and some highlighters. If you’re not sure about your drawing or painting skills, try just drawing some stripes, hearts, or polka dots.


Got some old maps lying around from the pre-digital age? They can be a gorgeous substitute for wrapping paper. Not only will you give them a new life, but also make every traveler very happy. If you have a map of a particular place they love or want to visit, that’s even better!


While not every household has some old maps, newspapers are still very easy to come by. They are large, cheap, and flexible, so covering your gifts in them will be very easy.

Grocery bags

Let’s admit it, everyone has committed the sin of forgetting their reusable shopping bag at home at least once. Paired up with some tape and a ribbon made from your old t-shirt, a cut-up brown paper bag can make a great gift wrap. You can also just get a textile tote bag and put your gift in there. This way, you’ll have a reusable gift wrap and another gift for someone you love.

Leftover Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the things that you might think has just one purpose. Well, not anymore! Wallpapers can be quite expensive, so it’s a shame not to use them all. At the same time, it’s hard to measure the exact amount you need. Wallpaper is just as easily foldable as paper or textile, which means there’s no reason not to use it for gift wrapping.


Music paper

Maybe your kid has given up his piano classes, or your significant other has been meaning to start playing guitar but hasn’t done it in the last couple of decades. Put their sheet music paper to good use by using it as wrapping paper. Music lovers will surely appreciate it.

Parchment paper

Looking for a sustainable wrapping solution that will give your gifts a casual modern look? Then look no further than your kitchen drawers. If you’re not a fan of crazy bright prints, parchment paper can be just what you need for your gift wrapping.

A box (that you already own)

If you have several small gifts that would look better in a box, don’t bother buying a new box. Most of us have some old boxes from some online shopping or home appliances, which can still serve you very well several times. If your box is not very pretty, just cover it with some of the sustainable wraps I mentioned above and you’ll be all set.

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