Eco-friendly Mother's day gifts

Mothers day is coming up and you want to give her something fun, useful and sustainable as well. I have made a list of zero waste mothers day gift ideas to give you some inspiration for what to give your mom this year that does not leave a large carbon footprint. 

Most moms, if not all moms, love everything that is made for them with love. You could make her cookies or candy if she has a bit of a sweet tooth. You could also make her a homemade freshly baked loaf of bread if your mom is not so much into sweets. Or, you can cook her dinner for the two of you and have some quality one to one time with your mom.

Does your mother have a bit of a green thumb? How about some seeds for her herbs and vegetable garden? This way she can enjoy your gift over and over again when it is harvesting time. Does she not so much have a green thumb? Give her a nice plant to brighten up her living room.

Another option is to help your mom with zero waste grocery shopping with a reusable produce bag or a cute canvas tote bag made with organic fair-trade cotton. 

Does your mom like to cook? How about some unpaper kitchen towelsHere you can find multiple lovely prints to match your mom's kitchen. A reusable bowl cover is another great kitchen accessory to make storing of food much easier and less wasteful.

Is mom a coffee lover? Maybe she likes some bulk bought fancy coffee that she has not tried before. Of course the same applies for tea. There are lots of great loose tea blends out there that would be a great mothers day gift. 

Not all gifts have to be stuff. A new and fun experience can also be a great gift.

Help your mom out in the house by giving her a couple of hours of cleaning service. Every mom loves a clean house. Is this a little over budget? Offer a few hours of your own time and help her out where and when she needs help.

Is your mom in need of some well deserved rest? How about a day at the spa? Include a mother-daughter massage to make this day extra relaxing.

A high tea is great for a mom who has a sweet tooth. A wine tasting, maybe even combined with a cheese tasting is an awesome gift for a mom who is more into savory snacks. 

To make it even more low budget you could also take your mom for a walk in the forest or a nice park. Just the two of you can have some quality time together. Your mom does not care how expensive the gift is as long as she can spend some time with you.

I hope this list of sustainable mothers days gift ideas give you some inspiration for what to give your mom this year.

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