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6 Types of Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Updated: May 26

Awesome that you would like to wear your baby! It is not only amazing to have your baby close all the time, but it is also very convenient when grocery shopping or doing your regular household chores. When you have decided you want to wear your baby you find that there are many options. Here you can read about each type of baby carrier and what the pros and the cons are so you can decide which baby carrier suits you and your lifestyle best.

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing is great to keep your hand free while keeping your baby close but there are more benefits to wearing your baby.

  • Babies who are worn frequently will cry less. They constantly hear the soothing sound of their parent's heartbeat and breathing which calms your baby as these were the sounds they heard in the womb.

  • Babies should be worn in an upright position. This will result in less suffering from the discomfort of reflux after feeding.

  • Babywearing enhances the bond between parent and baby (especially with the partner who did not give birth) which helps the emotional and neurological development. Skin-to-skin contact makes the body produce oxytocin (the love hormone) enhancing the bond with your baby.

  • Carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier is less heavy on your body compared to carrying your baby in your arms. In a wrap/carrier, the weight of your baby is not in your arms or on your shoulders but your hips.