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The Hidden Costs of Disposable Baby Wipes: Why Reusable Might Be the Way to Go

Updated: 2 days ago

Of course, you want the best for your child and you want to leave the world as green as possible for future generations. You would like to use cloth diapers, but you think it is a big step and an even bigger investment. Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps starting with reusable wipes is a good idea. This way you also contribute to a better environment and it is a great first step towards the use of cloth diapers. I started like that and have slowly expanded with more and more cloth diapers.

Using disposable wipes has become so common that we don't even realize that using these wipes is not good for the environment at all and some wipes are bad for a baby's delicate skin. Here I compare both disposable and reusable wipes so you can decide on what is best for you.

What are baby wipes made of?

A baby wipe consists of 2 parts, the wipe, and a liquid. The wipes are often made from