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Practicality Over Quantity: A Minimalist Approach to Baby Gear

Updated: Mar 28

Are you expecting a baby and thinking about what to add to your baby registry? Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming because there are so many “baby essentials” that people suggest and swear by. But is it something that you absolutely must have? It’s tempting to throw anything and everything on there “just in case,” but after a certain point it can accumulate as general clutter. And managing clutter is one of the last things you need when you’re learning how to care for a newborn. As a good rule of thumb, consider this question, “will your baby use this item long enough to justify the price?” If the answer is no, Marie Kondo-it and leave it off the baby registry. However, there are some things that are recommended when you have a newborn. Therefore, I have made a list of 20 items that are a must-have for a minimalist and eco-friendly mom-to-be.

Minimalist Eco Friendly Baby Registry