Natural Minimalist Baby Registry

Updated: Jun 2

Congratulations! You have a baby on the way!!! This is such an exciting time. But, as soon as you start to read about everything a baby might need you might get a bit overwhelmed. 'Do I really need all that stuff?' you might think. Let me assure you, you don’t. Big manufacturing companies with extensive marketing teams might convince you that you need a ‘baby wipe warmer with a night light for easy night time nappy changes’ but we have gone centuries without it. I think we do it again. So, what do you actually need when you become a mom? Not so much as you can read here.

Natural Minimalist Baby Registry


Do you have a car? In that case, you need a Maxi Cosi for safe transportation. I can’t advise a budget-friendly or eco-friendly alternative in this case as I don’t want you to save money on your babies safety. So, in this case, buy a new one. Only buy second hand when you are absolutely sure nothing has happened with it. A Maxi Cosi is just like a motorbike helmet. Once you have an accident with it, it saved you but the interior of the helmet is destroyed so you shouldn’t use it again.

When I was pregnant I bought a stroller even though I already knew I wanted to wear my baby in a wrap or carrier. I wish I didn’t. It has been used for the two weeks when I was unable to walk and once by my parents in law. So I think the stroller is used about 10 times. What a waste of money even though I bought is secondhand.

I wish I saved this and bought a few beautiful babywearing wraps instead. Babywearing takes some practice but it is great and very convenient once you get the hang of it. Read more about it here. When I was pregnant I bought a stroller even though I already knew I wanted to wear my baby in a wrap or carrier.


Did you know that you can share a bed with your baby in a perfectly safe way? Read here about all the points that should be taken into consideration.

Does bed-sharing still seem a bit too scary? Opt for a co-sleeper. This is basically a crib attached to the parent's bed with one side, next to the parent's bed, open. Usually on mom's side for easy breastfeeding.


When you are breastfeeding, you might want a nursing pillow to make nursing for both of you more comfortable. When you are comfortable, you are more relaxed and breastfeeding will be nicer. You could also get creative with the pillows you already have. You being comfortable is the most important part.

A breast pump might be needed when you plan to be separated from your baby for more than a few hours. 

Natural Minimalist Baby Registry

When your baby is 6 months, you can introduce solid food into their diet. I never bought or made purees for my baby girl. I just gave her what we ate as long as it wasn’t too salty or spicy or had a lot of sugars. It is important for your baby to sit upright properly so invest in a good highchair.


If you really want to save money you could try baby elimination communication. In this case, the parent reads/recognizes the baby’s response to it needs to enable them to pee or poo on a toilet. This was too much for me so I opted for cloth diapers. Read more about cloth diapers here.

The first few weeks with a little one might be a bit overwhelming so buy a bag or two of organic disposable nappies as well. Just to take the pressure off you those intense first weeks.

baby showering glove was the best few bucks I spend. This glove makes showering with your baby more manageable as you have a better hold on your baby.

Ok, you need to clothe your child but you don’t have to go crazy with it. Babies grow so fast that they will wear some size only a few months. In some cases a few weeks. You could also check your local second-hand shop. Other babies also wore those clothes for only a couple of months.

Of course, this list is not complete but I eliminated a lot of products that in my opinion are totally unnecessary. I hope this makes the arrival of your little one less intimidating and more manageable this way.

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