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Organic Baby Clothes: The 20+ Best Brands for Your Little One

Updated: Jul 3

We all know that organic clothes are best for a baby's delicate skin. Here you can read all about the details of why you should choose organic cotton when it comes to your baby. But, where can you find these amazing brands that not only care about the environment but also about the skin of your baby? Below you can find a list of more than 20 organic baby clothes brands.

Why are organic baby clothes important?

Babies have a higher ratio of skin surface area to body volume, making their skin and body absorb chemicals easier. Furthermore, their skin is 30% thinner than adults'. Hence, it's crucial to pay attention to what they put on their skin. Synthetic clothes, which are made of petrochemicals, plastics, and artificial dyes and are often treated with flame retardants, should be avoided. Natural fibers, particularly organic cotton, are the best choice. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, is not genetically modified, and is dyed with natural substances. Not only does organic cotton protect your baby's health, but it also reduces the negative impact on the environment. While organic cotton may be more expensive, it's worth it for your baby's health and the environment.

Conscious step

Conscious step does not only think about your baby's skin by using only fair-trade organic cotton by producers in safe and fair working conditions, they are also considerate of other communities. They have donated thousands of books to kids in need in Asia and Africa and donated even more meals to prevent kids from going hungry. By purchasing baby clothes from a conscious step you will make sure that the money you spend ends up in the right place.

best organic baby clothes brands - conscious step

Me oh my Earth

My oh my earth stands for wanting the best for both your children as well as Mother Earth. They aim to create the best eco-friendly clothing for babies. Our products are entirely made of certified incredibly soft organic cotton. Whenever they require a synthetic material, they choose spandex and Repreve, recycled polyester, including recycled plastic bottles to reduce their carbon footprint even further. Each collection they release will be giving money back to an organization that supports the endangered species on that specific garment. Their goal is to leave the world a cleaner and happier place for our children and future generations.

best organic baby clothes brands -  me oh my earth

Apple Park

Are you looking for baby clothes that are far from boring? Apple Park might just be for you. They collaborate with artists from all over the world to create new and exciting limited edition collections that are both comfortable and adorable. Apple Park gives parents peace of mind, empowering them to make the best decisions for their babies and the future of our planet. The clothing they make is made from 100% organic cotton and their stuffed animals are filled with 100% plant-based fiber made from corn. They try to stay away from polyester as much as possible both for your baby's health as well a for a clean planet.

best organic baby clothes brands - apple park

Seek Dry Goods

Seek Dry Goods was founded by a couple with a passion for exploring and traveling. When exploring the options for the garments they would like to make, quickly learned the negative impact virgin materials have on the environment which is why they only use recycled polyester when the garments demand synthetic fiber. Mixed with organic cotton this result in gorgeous eco-friendly baby clothes that both you and your baby will love.

best organic baby clothes brands - seek dry goods


According to Boody baby clothes should be simple, soft, and sweet to your little one’s skin. This very simple but powerful statement helped them create baby clothes that are both unique and safe for the baby and the planet. Everything from their baby shirts to their baby bibs is sustainably made with plenty of love. Bamboo viscose is one of the main materials they make clothing with. This does not only result in sustainable everyday essentials, but they are also super soft, comfy, and breathable. Great to wear directly against the delicate skin of your baby.

best organic baby clothes brands - boody

Under the Nile

All of the cotton that Under the Niles uses is not just organic, it’s Biodynamic. This is a step up from traditional organic farming which means that all of their cotton is organic in its purest form. Biodynamic farming considers the entire farm as it needs to be self-sustaining to be certified. Only a few farms in the world are biodynamic as it is really hard to be certified but it results in one of the most sustainable types of cotton available nowadays.

best organic baby clothes brands - under the nile

Burt’s Bees

We all know Burts Bees because of their baby-friendly skincare, but they also produce eco-friendly baby clothes. They not only produce ethical clothes with sustainable materials, but they also support local communities through volunteer work and product donations. They even work with charities on a national level to help fund and support disaster relief initiatives. This is in line with their fundamental belief to spread well through kindness, thoughtfulness, and awareness.

best organic baby clothes brands - burts bees

Touched by Nature

From booties to swaddles to sleeping bags, Touched by Nature has it all. Ranging from lots of neutral colors to vibrant bright colors to suit everyone's style. However, the cuteness of the garment does not mean it is not sustainably produced. Their clothes are made with 100% organic cotton that is both soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin while also being comfortable enough to sleep in through the night.

best organic baby clothes brands - touched by nature

Indi by Kishu baby

Indi by Kishu makes gorgeous baby bandana bibs. They not only use buttery-soft organic cotton to make these beautiful bibs, but they are also ethically produced by artisans that are highly skilled tailors earning a fair living wage in India. The bibs have multiple layers of organic muslin cloth to make them extremely absorbent so they can absorb all the drool and spills your baby makes. They are reversible (so they fit multiple outfits), washable, and made with several snaps to adjust the size which will guarantee that these bibs will last for years and grows when your baby does.

best organic baby clothes brands - indi by kishu


Mamours GOTS certification cotton ensures the highest level of purity from seed to seam. They not only that the planet into consideration when selecting materials for their products, but also the farmer needs to prove quality so Mamour can give their customers the softest cotton with the highest quality possible. Their thoughtfully designed garments are not only light and comfortable, but they are also very warm yet cozy perfect for babies who just started crawling. Known for their soft and breathable clothes making Mamour perfect for new moms.

best organic baby clothes brands - mamour

Mac & Moon

We want our kids to grow up and inherit a healthy planet, and at Mac & Moon, they believe that starts right here with us. As part of their mission is to provide earth-friendly products, they use the best sustainable practices in the work they do and the partners they use to manufacture their apparel. Their garments will fit every parent's style as they have lots of neutral colors but also plenty of vibrant colors for a parent who would like to make a bold statement with their baby.

best organic baby clothes brands - mac moon


Made with 100% GOTS certified combed and ring spun organic cotton, you can’t go wrong with the baby clothes from Lamaze. They not only take care of your baby's skin by using only the softest material to avoid skin irritation, but also the people making the garments are taken into consideration. Everything at Lamaze is ethically produced in a fair trade and sustainable way making their supply chain completely transparent.

best organic baby clothes brands - lamaze

Finn + Emma

At Fin and Emma their garments are made with incredibly soft GOTS certified organic cotton using only non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes to consider our planet. Their toys are made from untreated Indian hardwood or hand-knit with organic cotton yarn. Using only durable materials that are timeless in design making them great as gifts and keepsakes. Everything they produce is ethically made, mainly women in developing countries, are paid a living wage while they work in a safe workspace. They help create conditions that enable them to build better lives for both themselves and their families. In short, you can’t go wrong with the products from Finn and Emma both for the environment and the planet.

best organic baby clothes brands - finn emma

Little Me

Little Me is a business with sensitivity to sustainability and serious concern for the environment. They are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution wherever reasonable, practical, and cost-effective. Their responsibility for the environment ranges from the construction, maintenance, and operation of their facilities as well to those of our supply chain partners. This does not come at the cost of garments with decreased quality. They put just as much effort into quality comfortable clothes for your baby as well as paying attention to the environment. Their collection ranges from warm sweaters for wintertime to swimsuits for those summer days at the beach.

best organic baby clothes brands - little me

Little Lentin

Only 100% organic cotton is used by Little Lentin as organic cotton is not only safer for your baby’s skin it is also safer for the earth. More importantly, it’s healthier for the farmers and workers who grow and harvest the cotton. They have lots of different colors, prints, and knits you can choose from so your baby will look adorable. Their Send-Back Program and Loved Again Collection are leading sustainability initiatives to ensure their clothes will get the love they deserve over and over again without ending up in a landfill.

best organic baby clothes brands - little lentin

Oso & Me

The garments from Oso & Me are designed with your child in mind. As they believe kid's clothing should be made thoughtfully, sustainably, and with high-quality stands that can withstand generations of hand-me-downs, decreasing the number of clothes you buy. They design their clothes to last as long as possible and can grow with your child making them both aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. Their signature pants can be worn throughout 3 growth stages of your child from cuffed to cropped saving you money and the impact you have on our planet.

best organic baby clothes brands - oso me


At 1212 they believe in finding healthier alternatives for our children and the planet. So, they created the softest, 100% organic, non-toxic fabric in careful consideration of both your baby’s skin and the environment, taking the guesswork out of getting them dressed, and designing the best baby basics for playtime, naptime, and all through the night. Their designs are refreshing and have a fuss-free minimalistic approach that modern parents can appreciate, featuring essentials that can be lived in and layered all in one place.

best organic baby clothes brands - 1212

Pip Pea Pop

The goal of Pip Pea Pop is to bring joy to parents and comfort to babies through simple and sustainable essentials. They are on a mission to be one of the most eco-friendly baby apparel brands on the market today. They are dedicated to creating high-quality, low-impact, long -lasting clothing with the intention of it being worn as much as possible, on as many babies as possible. That starts with the material choice: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. They never dye the garments and partner with top-tier manufacturers who share our values and ethics resulting in amazing clothes for your baby.

best organic baby clothes brands - pip pea pop

Winnie and Crew

Winnie + Crew is a mama-owned small business with one goal in mind: providing your baby with comfortable and cute clothes that they can play, rest and explore in all day long. Their collection often has lots of earthy tones with a minimal design that is easy on the eye and comfortable on the skin.

best organic baby clothes brands - winnie and crew

MakeMake Organics

Makemake Organics is a conscious and sustainable brand that produces high-quality products made with the softest fabrics. Their beautiful organic cotton products are designed in Florida and ethically made in India. All fabrics are GOTS certified organic and fair trade meaning they impact hundreds of lives, most of whom are women in India. Due to their superior fabric, they can create higher quality products that are softer, breathable, and much more gentle on the skin. Organic cotton is also known to cause fewer allergies as it is completely chemical-free. Not only that, it is also better for the environment and the people who make the garments.

best organic baby clothes brands - makemake organics

Tenth and Pine

At Tenth and Pine, they have a love for organic, all-natural fabrics. They searched for the highest quality GOTS-certified organic materials for their garments only. This results in clothes that are not only amazingly soft and perfect for sensitive skin but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, they are made in the USA, working with factories that share our core values. Practicing environmentally friendly manufacturing methods with fair and safe working conditions for employees.

best organic baby clothes brands - tenth and pine

As you can see, there are lots of brands out there that take both your baby's skin as well as the environment into consideration.

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