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35+ Everyday Items that have Plastic

Updated: Feb 21

Plastic has been an incredible and awful invention all at once. Manufacturers and consumers appreciated the amazing benefits of the lightweight, durable, and water-resistant material. However, the disadvantages of plastic have become more and more clear. Nowadays it can be found everywhere in all sorts of items and this is not necessarily a good thing as it turns up in the most unexpected places. To give you a little more clarity on where plastic can be found I have made a list of over 35 items that have plastic.


This one may sound surprising at first but if you give it a little more thought it is not surprising. It is estimated that 80% of water is contaminated with microplastics. That makes the chances of you drinking plastic rather high because all the plastic we use doesn’t biodegrade. Instead, it slowly falls apart into microplastics that are so tiny they will pass through our water filtration systems.


Sea Salt