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About Green&HappyMom

Valinda - GreenandHappyMom - Eco-friendly mom blog

Hi there dear reader, 

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Valinda and I have an MSc (Master of Science) degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. My major was plant science (specializing in horticulture and agriculture) and my minor was climate change. From a very young age, I have shown interest in the environment and taking care of the life around me therefore my choice for an environmental study. By now I have over 15 years of experience living sustainably and through this eco-friendly blog, I want to help others live as sustainable as possible as well.

My Master of Science degree from Wagening University

In 2017 I became a mom which increased my need to live zero waste even further. By now I am not only doing it for me but for my daughters as well. As I missed certain items to live as sustainably as possible. I started to make my own eco-friendly products. This sparked the attention of friends and family and soon I opened up an Etsy shop where I sell these handmade zero waste products. 

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