Hi there dear reader, 



Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a work from home mom of the happiest little girl in the world. Also, I am the founder of GreenandHappyMom and of the Green and Happy Shop.


In the GreenandHappyMom blog, I want to help you make your life more organized and sustainable. You also find info about my though time struggling with PPD (postpartum depression) and miscarriages (yes plural). Because I have been through some difficult times, I decided I want to write everything down regarding the PPD and the breech birth in this blog. This way I hope I can find some closure.


Living a sustainable life is becoming increasingly more important to me which you will also read about here. 


You will only find short but clear blog posts here as I know you've got more things to do than to read novel-length blog posts. Also, as I am still medicated for my PPD, my attention span to reduce.... awwww look a kitten. 

Valinda Natural Parenting Blog - Eco-friendly mom - Cloth diaper - sustainable pregnancy

Yes, this is a real leather jacked, something I would not buy today. However, this one is over 15 years old and I think it is awesome it still fits so I will wear it.

Background info about me:


After gaining some work experience with two different employers in which I could use what I have learned during my studies (Plant Science) I decided I wanted something different.


Right now I think it is most important that I can be there for my little girl but only being a mommy is not for me. I want to make myself useful but I don't want to work for an employer anymore. That is how the Green and Happy Shop started. Even though it has nothing to do with my education, it is in line with my goal of making the world a better place. After Green and Happy Shop was up and running, I strongly felt the need to write about my experiences. During my education, I found out that I am a good writer but I never got to use this skill working for an employer. This is why I started GreenandHappyMom blog. Here I can write anything I want and hopefully help someone in the process.


Valinda - Babywearing - Natural Parenting Blog - Eco-friendly mom - Cloth diaper - sustainable pregnancy

Next to making sustainable goods behind my sewing machine, I also like to sew for my daughter (she has a closet full of cute little dresses) and make bags for myself. I love being outside, my favorite food is (still) pancakes and ice cream (yes, sometimes/often I am a five-year-old little girl) and I love Tony (Chocoloney).