Zero Waste Gifts for Kids

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All kids love receiving gifts and I love giving gifts. That smile on those kids' faces when they receive something special is just priceless. But, I don’t want to give them some random piece of plastic. I prefer to give them something sustainable that will hopefully also teach them something. Here are a few zero waste gift ideas for kids.

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Wooden toys

Wooden toys are much more sustainable than their plastic counterpart. It is much nicer to hold and it contains fewer chemicals. Nowadays people are much more conscious about the pros of wooden toys and they are easier accessible. Make sure you buy toys that are certified safe. You don’t want wooden toys that are heavily treated with chemicals against fungi. Read here about more advantages of wooden toys.

Chalk and a chalkboard

Kids love to draw and be creative. This can mean that you use up a lot of paper. Using a chalkboard and some chalk might be the solution. 

Grow your own vegetables

Show your kids the magic of how vegetables are made. This will help them love nature and hopefully appreciate and love the vegetables on their plates more. 

Sustainable lunchbox

Are the kids going to school? There are lots of kids friendly sustainable lunchboxes available for both boys and girls. Maybe you can also include a sustainable drinking bottle

An old phone

Kids love to push buttons and an old phone (not a smartphone) is a great option. Make sure you not only remove the sim card but also the batteries. When the batteries are not removed and still working, there is one number they can still call (of course I would never make this mistake.…).

Zero Waste Gifts for Kids

Dress up

Kids love playing dress-up. Visit your local thrift shop to find colorful clothes for your kids to play with. When I was younger I used to play dress up in my moms' old wedding dress and I loved it.

Cooperative board games

Instead of competitive board games give kids a game in which they have to cooperate. It is a great learning experience for all involved. 


When kids receive lots of gifts at once (like during Christmas or a birthday), at one point they reach a limit where they no longer appreciate more gifts. They are overstimulated and can’t play with all their new gifts at once. An experience as a gift can be a nice change during the gift-giving spree. Smaller kids might enjoy a trip to a pool or a fairy tail park. Kids that are a bit bigger might enjoy a show of their favorite artist or a trip to a forest climbing park.

Another fun activity you do together with kids they will greatly enjoy is making cocktails. No, we are not going to give kids alcohol but kids can have lots of fun making their own cocktail using several fruit juices and syrups. You can make it more special by using a blender to make your own fruit juice and using a cocktail shaker to mix the cocktail.

I hope this list of 14 gifts and activities will give you some inspiration what to give you kids, nieces and nephews next.

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