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Eco-Friendly and Luxurious: 20 Bamboo Pajamas for Women

Updated: May 3

Bamboo clothing is gaining in popularity and with good reason because bamboo is an amazing plant. Not only can bamboo absorb much more carbon dioxide, but it also produces much more oxygen compared to many tree species. This makes it a great plant to fight climate change. What makes bamboo even more amazing is that it grows very fast. This allows it to be harvested several times a year. Some bamboo varieties can even be harvested up to 4 times a year which means that a lot of fabric can be made from the same plant.

Best bamboo pajamas


Are you looking for a comfy sleepshirt as you are always stealing your boyfriends? This sleepshirt from Ettitude is just what you are looking for as these shirts feel much more luxurious compared to the regular cotton ones from your BF. Plus, Ettitude goes the extra mile with all their products, from certifying their factories to meet safe labor standards to their OEKO-TEX Certified organic fabrics and plastic-free packaging.

Best bamboo pajamas - ettitude


This pajama set from GYS is perfect for those cold winter nights when you want to be warm yet comfortable. As GYS specializes in sleepwear that is both comfortable and stylish, they make sure you not only feel great, you also look great.

For those of us who get cold yet may also become sweaty during the night, bamboo sleepwear is just the way to go as bamboo is known to be moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Best bamboo pajamas - gys


If a button-down pajama set is what you are looking for, WiWi has got you covered. Their PJs are silky soft yet cool to the touch and they are available in a wide variety of colors to suit everyone's preferences. The combination of the loose fit and stretchy material will make sure you remain comfortable even when you are tossing and turning all night.

Best bamboo pajamas - wiwi


Nachila meets everyone's needs, whether you are petite or plus size or looking for pajama sets, slip dresses, or nightgowns, they have it all. NACHILA focuses on high-quality nightwear to give you the best comfy wearing experience. This gown is perfect for the ones among us who don’t like pajama pants while sleeping. This gown is amazing as its lightweight and ultra-soft bamboo fabric makes it feel like a second skin. This comfy gown comes in over 20 colors to make sure they have one you love.

Best bamboo pajamas - nachila


Are you looking for a high-quality PJs set? Look no further than Latuza. Their silky material is both smooth and durable while being extremely soft to the skin. These garments have a beautiful finish which makes them well make and of high quality. This makes these pajamas a great sustainable gift for a mother (in-law), sister, or other female loved one.

Best bamboo pajamas - latuza

Posh peanut

Are prints your style of pajamas but you don’t van to give in when it comes to comfiness? Posh Peanut is just what you might be looking for. They have over 30 different unique prints to choose from but don’t think that their PJs are not comfortable. Their bamboo material is extremely soft and moisture-wicking making Posh peanut PJs not only look cute but also guarantee a great night of sleep.

Best bamboo pajamas - posh peanut


TIKTIK is devoted to designing and manufacturing user-friendly and fashionable pajamas and sleepwear for people in the US. They have studied many women so they could improve the degree of comfort and fitness of their gowns. Their woman's pajama pants set is made of skin-friendly and cozy bamboo viscose fabric, which is soft, lightweight, and breathable and the four-way stretch of the fabric makes sure you remain comfortable even when rolling in bed.

Best bamboo pajamas - tiktik


The adorable pajamas from Kickee are known for their adorable pant prints. Raining from dinosaurs to moose to gingerbread houses. KICKEE pajama sets come in a wide range of almost 40 different fun colors and playful prints, including family matching pajamas for those of us with kids. These pants not only look super cute, but they are also buttery soft, you almost want to live in these pants. You could as these are rated UPF 50+ so you have protection in the sun if you go outside.

Best bamboo pajamas - kickee

Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time has created the perfect nightgown for natural menopause relief for the slightly older ladies among us. Whether you have symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats other related sleep problems that make you sweaty at night, these breathable high-quality pajamas help you sleep peacefully again. The gorgeous design of Sleepy Times nightwear will make you look feminine yet you remain comfortable during the night.

Best bamboo pajamas - sleepy time


LazyCozy soft ladies' sleepwear features a solid classic design which is great for days spent at home, for sleeping at night, or just lounging around the house. This is an essential ladies loungewear set to slip into after a hard day of work. Designed by LazyCozy with superior workmanship to create nightgowns for women of unrivaled quality. Luxury bamboo fabrics bring you a super soft and smooth wearing experience.

Best bamboo pajamas - lazycosy


Yosofts has more than 10 different colors of garments to choose from. Their bamboo fabrics are silky soft while being cool to the touch. The fabric they choose is skin-friendly meaning it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin while being breathable so you remain comfortable throughout the night. The relaxed loose fit will make sure that this outfit is not only great for sleeping but also for yoga or just for a lazy day at home.

Best bamboo pajamas - yosoft


The classic 2 piece style pajama from Anjou has an elegant trimming that adds a touch of sophistication to your nightgown. The ultra-soft bamboo fabric comes in a variety of soothing colors and unique prints for a great night of sleep or just relaxing at home. The best part? The pants have pockets!

Best bamboo pajamas - anjue


Are you looking for a pajama set that looks adorable while also keeping you cool at night? Whether you are suffering from menopause and are experiencing hot flashes or are just a hot sleeper in general this cute 2 piece sleep set will keep you cool at night. Because of its amazing moisture-wicking abilities, your skin remains dry reducing your nightly sweats.

Best bamboo pajamas - gudipudi

Davy Piper

This bamboo set from Davi Piper has all the convenience women are looking for when it comes to PJs. It features all the comfort you want, plus all the handy extras like pockets to keep your phone and other essentials nearby. Making this long sleeve PJ set is a must-have for every woman. The timeless design is updated with fashionable details which include delicate piping, a notched collar, and pockets, you almost forget they were designed to sleep in (and not live in).

Best bamboo pajamas - davy piper


If a Capri-style pajama is what you are looking for, look no further as Joyaria has then in an amazing array of gorgeous colors. These stretchy and smooth bamboo pajamas are comfy to sleep in but are also great to lounge around in on those lazy days at home. The classic and elegant design makes it also an amazing gift for your mom, wife, sisters, or friends.

Best bamboo pajamas - joyaria


Are you a little curvier compared to the average woman? Are you have difficulty finding comfy PJs that fit you just right. Look no further as Esenchel is designed especially for plus-size women. This soft and cozy Capri pajama set has a V neck while the pants have conveniently placed pockets while the elastic waistband also has a drawstring to make them as loose as you would like.

Best bamboo pajamas - esenchel


Bapooway is devoted to studying women's sleepwear and improving the degree of comfort of their gowns. They improve their products according to their customer's recommendations creating gorgeous and comfortable PJs. The round neck top and racerback backside will make sure the top stays in place even when you are tossing and turning all night while the soft bamboo fabric, is light and breathable for those warm nights.

Best bamboo pajamas - bapooway


Colorfulleaf is known for its soft and comfortable loungewear and underwear, including pajamas and nightwear, and more. The lightweight bamboo rayon comes with a lot of stretch making it flow around your body naturally. The lightly brushed fabric gives an extra soft cozy feel that is smooth against your skin. If you are looking for something comfy yet practical for your wife, daughter, mum, or even grandma this pajama set is the way to go.

Best bamboo pajamas - colorfulleaf


This Cherrydew pajama sleepwear with beautiful contrast piping is made with super-soft and lightweight bamboo to ensure maximum durability. This smooth and stretchy fabric is ultra-soft against your skin so you can enjoy superior comfort while you are sleeping. The cute bottoms have a drawstring elastic waistband to ensure they don't sag and you can tie them for a more personalized fit.

Best bamboo pajamas - cherrydew


Bamboo viscose Tiddylove uses in their pajamas is extremely breathable and will absorb all moisture quickly so it can evaporate from your skin faster. This means no more nightly sweats and healthier feeling skin in the morning. The only bamboo plants selected for these pajamas were grown in unpolluted areas meaning the resulting fabric is great if you have sensitive skin or are nursing a baby.

Best bamboo pajamas - tiddylove

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