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Sustainable Stocking Stuffers under $15

Updated: Feb 8

The holidays are near which for me is always a challenge. Creating a nice meal, finding fun gifts while making it sustainable too! Yes, I like a challenge. Here you could read some tips for sustainable holidays while here you have a list of more than 10 sustainable stocking stuffers under $15.

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

Reusable facial rounds are such an easy and affordable first step towards a zero waste lifestyle. I often give these to lady friends to stimulate them to reduce their waste. Several materials exist but for this one, you won’t have to choose!

A bamboo utensil set is easy to have in your bag at all times so you can refuse disposable cutlery when offered to you at work, at a party or on the road.  The same goes for a tote bag.

I always have a tote bag in my purse for those surprise grocery shopping sprees. These are made with fairtrade organic cotton!

A stainless steel water bottle is also a zero waste essential for on go. You can refill your bottle in more and more locations even saving you money in the long run. If you or a friend prefers a warm drink on the go. An insulated water bottle might be a good investment although these are a bit pricer.

A shampoo bar and conditioner bar is a more advanced zero waste gift as it takes some getting used to. Shampooing with a shampoo bar is a little different from liquid shampoo but it is well worth the reduced amount of plastic consumption. There are lots of choices out there so you will have no problem finding one for your hair type. 

Just like shampoo bars, there are also lots of body lotion bars. These bars are solid but melt in your hands because of your body temperature. There are bars made with cocoa butter, mango butter or even avocado butter. Some are even made without animal products so they are a great gift for your vegan friend.

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

Do you have a foodie friend? Maybe a beeswax wrap or a reusable bowl cover (for the vegan friends) makes a nice gift.

Do you have a friend or family member with kids? Then stainless steel straws are an awesome gift. They come in nice colors to make sure every kid has their favorite color.

Do you have a friend or family member with a bit of a green thumb? Then organic seeds of vegetables, fruits or even flowers might be a nice Christmas present.

A tea strainer is awesome for the frequent tea drinker. By avoiding tea bags you avoid consuming microplastics that may be present in the bags.


A french press is great to make zero waste coffee. Next to your favorite black beverage, it can also be used for tea. So if you know someone who likes both (rinse well in between!), a french press makes a nice present.

I hope this list of 10+ sustainable stocking stuffers under $15 helps you along the way to more sustainable holidays.

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