25 Easy ways to Reduce Waste

Initially, it might seem like a big step to reduce your waste production. But, if you take small steps, it becomes much more manageable while you can still make an impact on the environment. 

25 Easy ways to Reduce Waste

1 & 2 - Drink tap water using your own water bottle. I love my Klean Kanteen!

3 - Eat meat-free more often. If tofu seems to ‘hippy’ for you, get creative with beans or lentils.

4 - Don’t buy 2 for 1. It is not a good deal if you don’t need it. You might even end up throwing one way. 

5 - Freeze your food leftovers. I do this often and once every two weeks I don’t cook but we have a leftover day.

6 & 7 - Plan your meals and make a shopping list. If you know beforehand what you are going to eat you won’t buy stuff you might not need.

8 - Store bread in the freezer and take individual slices from the frozen bread in the freezer once you need it.

9 - Line dry clothes. This is so much energy.

10 - Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. This also saves a lot of energy.

11 - Use a bamboo toothbrush. The average person will throw away about 250 toothbrushes. Use a biodegradable one.

12 - Avoid fast fashion. Buy only quality clothes. This not only feels nicer on your skin but saves money too as these clothes are much more durable.

13 - Upcycle your old clothes. A while ago I ripped my jeans favorite jeans which I turned into my favorite skirt.

reusable shopping bag

14 - Borrow or swap clothes with friends. Have a swap party with friends and trade your clothes you are no longer into.

15 - Always carry a reusable shopping bag for those surprise shop visits.

16 - Don’t buy disposable products. This goes without saying.

17 - Give an experience as a gift. Not all gifts have to be ‘stuff’. An experience like a wine or whiskey tasting can be a great gift too.

25 Easy ways to Reduce Waste

18 - Refuse freebies, plastic bags and receipts. Saying no to free stuff that you don’t need might be a bit challenging in the beginning. But, if you thing like ‘I  don’t want something I will throw away in a couple of minutes’ it makes much more sense.

19 - Go to work by public transport, bike or foot instead of going by car. If you go on foot or by bike it is a great exercise too.

20 - Use an e-book instead of the paper versions. It holds much more books that are very easy to bring with you. 

21 & 22 - Use a reusable lunchbox and pack your own lunch. Saving money on your lunch is a great side effect.

23 - Avoid printing, keep it digital. Not everything needs to be printed.

24 - Use a bamboo or paper straw if you really want to use a straw. Better yet, don’t use a straw at all.

25 - Take notes on your phone or digital notebook. Keeping all your notes on one device.

I hope this overview with 25 super easy steps to reduce your waste will help your waste reduction journey.

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