25 Easy ways to Reduce Waste

Initially, it might seem like a big step to reduce your waste production. But, if you take small steps, it becomes much more manageable while you can still make an impact on the environment. 

1 & 2 - Drink tap water using your own water bottle. I love my Klean Kanteen!

3 - Eat meat-free more often. If tofu seems to ‘hippy’ for you, get creative with beans or lentils.

4 - Don’t buy 2 for 1. It is not a good deal if you don’t need it. You might even end up throwing one way. 

5 - Freeze your food leftovers. I do this often and once every two weeks I don’t cook but we have a leftover day.

6 & 7 - Plan your meals and make a shopping list. If you know beforehand what you are going to eat you won’t buy stuff you might not need.

8 - Store bread in the freezer and take individual slices from the frozen bread in the freezer once you need it.

9 - Line dry clothes. This is so much energy.

10 - Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. This also saves a lot of energy.

11 - Use a bamboo toothbrush. The average person will throw away about 250 toothbrushes. Use a biodegradable one.

12 - Avoid fast fashion. Buy only quality clothes. This not only feels nicer on your skin but saves money too as these clothes are much more durable.

13 - Upcycle your old clothes. A while ago I ripped my jeans favorite jeans which I turned into my favorite skirt.

14 - Borrow or swap clothes with friends. Have a swap party with friends and trade your clothes you are no longer into.

15 - Always carry a reusable shopping bag for those surprise shop visits.

16 - Don’t buy disposable products. This goes without saying.

17 - Give an experience as a gift. Not all gifts have to be ‘stuff’. An experience like a wine or whiskey tasting can be a great gift too.

18 - Refuse freebies, plastic bags and receipts. Saying no to free stuff that you don’t need might be a bit challenging in the beginning. But, if you thing like ‘I  don’t want something I will throw away in a couple of minutes’ it makes much more sense.

19 - Go to work by public transport, bike or foot instead of going by car. If you go on foot or by bike it is a great exercise too.

20 - Use an e-book instead of the paper versions. It holds much more books that are very easy to bring with you. 

21 & 22 - Use a reusable lunchbox and pack your own lunch. Saving money on your lunch is a great side effect.

23 - Avoid printing, keep it digital. Not everything needs to be printed.

24 - Use a bamboo or paper straw if you really want to use a straw. Better yet, don’t use a straw at all.

25 - Take notes on your phone or digital notebook. Keeping all your notes on one device.

I hope this overview with 25 super easy steps to reduce your waste will help your waste reduction journey.

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