10 things I no longer buy

Updated: Mar 4

I am a few years into my zero waste journey and by now I am buying considerably less stuff compared to before I started. Today I like to share I list with 10 things I no longer buy.

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Plastic water bottles. I live in an a country where tap water is safe to drink so buying plastic water bottles just seems like a waste of resources.

Menstrual products. I have been using my menstrual cup for years now and would not want to go back. Read here more about why a menstrual cup is awesome. During the night I use cloth pads (using the cup overnight does not sit well with me) so there is no need for other menstrual products. To be honest, I still have half a box of organic tampons laying around in the bathroom. For those female friends who always seem to forget to bring theirs.

Paper towels. The other example of buying trash. You use it once and then you throw it away. Unpaper towels are a great alternative. They are great for in and around the kitchen and can be used as a handkerchief as well. They are available in cute prints so there must be one that matches your kitchen.

Cling film. A reusable bowl cover or beeswax wraps are a much more convenient alternative. If I remember correctly, a plastic cling film just never does what you want it to do.

Plastic sandwich/snack bags. I am Dutch meaning we eat lots of bread. Most of us eat a bread meal twice a day (I stick with once a day). Often sandwiches are prepared in the morning so they can be eaten during lunch. Instead of using plastic bags we use reusable bags. These bags can be washed and reused over and over again.

Fast fashion. I used to be a bit of a shopaholic… I still love shopping but I almost never buy new clothes. Now I love thrift shopping. You never know what you might find. One of our local thrift shops also accepts fabric so every once in a while I find fabric to make my own clothes with.  

Things I no longer buy

Plastic shopping bags. Whenever I leave the house I always put an extra cotton bag in my bag for those unexpected shopping trips.

Disposable cutlery. What is wrong with real cutlery anyway?

Magazines & books. I read a lot. At least one to two hours each day to help me escape life for a few hours. But, is has been a while since I bought a book. I have a secondhand kindle that I just can’t live without anymore and if I ever want to read a ‘real’ book, I also am a member of our local library. Which does not only have books but also a great collection of magazines, DVD's and games.

Skin & hair care products. I love making my own skincare products and it saves me lots of money too. I can also skip some of the chemicals often present in skincare products making it much better for my sensitive skin. Curious? HumbleBeeandMe.com is a great inspiration for me.

I hope this list with 10 things I no longer buy will help you with your zero waste journey and help you think of alternatives before purchasing something. 

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