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15+ Eco Amazon Alternatives for Zero Waste Online Shopping

Updated: May 31

In a world where the convenience of online shopping often comes at the expense of environmental impact, the quest for sustainable alternatives has never been more pressing. As the behemoth of e-commerce, Amazon has undeniably revolutionized the way we shop, but its dominance has also raised concerns about its environmental practices. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to discover greener pastures, exploring sustainable alternatives that not only cater to our digital retail cravings but also champion ethical sourcing, eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to the planet. It's time to break free from the familiar click of the Amazon cart and explore a new realm of conscious consumerism.

How does Online Shopping Impact the Environment

Online shopping, while convenient and popular, can have various environmental impacts. Here are some of the key ways in which online shopping affects the environment:

Carbon Emissions from Transportation

Delivery trucks and vans are major contributors to carbon emissions as they shuttle goods between distribution centers and customers' homes. The increased frequency of deliveries, especially with express shipping options, can result in higher carbon footprints compared to traditional retail shopping. Additionally, the impact of air transportation in the e-commerce supply chain exacerbates environmental concerns. Shipping goods by air, often chosen for its speed, significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. This combined reliance on ground and air transportation highlights the pressing need to explore sustainable alternatives in the world of online shopping.

Packaging Waste

Online orders often come with packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, and cushioning materials. The excessive use of packaging contributes to a significant amount of waste, and some packaging materials may not be easily recyclable.

Energy Consumption in Warehouses

E-commerce relies on vast warehouses to store and manage inventory. These facilities require energy for lighting, heating or cooling, and powering machinery. The energy consumption in these warehouses can have environmental implications.

Return Shipments

Shopping online tends to result in higher return rates when compared to in-store purchases. The process of returning items often entails additional transportation and packaging, thereby amplifying carbon emissions and generating more waste. Regrettably, many returned items do not rejoin the inventory due to feasibility constraints, ultimately finding their way to landfills.

Overconsumption and Fast Fashion

The convenience of online shopping, coupled with frequent sales and discounts, may encourage overconsumption and impulse buying. In the fashion industry, in particular, the trend of fast fashion, where clothing is produced quickly and inexpensively, contributes to environmental degradation due to resource-intensive production and disposal of quickly discarded items.

online shopping

Electronic Waste

The growth of online shopping is closely tied to the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. The production and disposal of these devices contribute to electronic waste, which can be harmful to the environment if not properly managed.

Impact on Local Businesses

The rise of large online retailers can lead to the decline of local brick-and-mortar businesses. This shift can result in the loss of jobs and the abandonment of commercial spaces, potentially contributing to urban sprawl and impacting local ecosystems.

Resource Extraction 

The production of goods ordered online often involves resource extraction, which can have environmental consequences. This includes the extraction of raw materials, such as minerals and timber, for manufacturing products.

Data Centers and Energy Consumption

Online shopping relies on data centers to process transactions and manage online platforms. These data centers require significant amounts of energy, contributing to the overall environmental impact of e-commerce.

online shopping

How can we improve our Zero Waste Online Shopping Habits?

Improving the environmental impact of online shopping requires a collective effort from consumers, businesses, and policymakers. Here are several strategies that can contribute to a more sustainable approach to online shopping:

Choose Sustainable Brands

Support companies that prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and environmentally friendly practices. Look for certifications like Fair Trade, organic, or eco-friendly labels.

Research Before You Buy

Take the time to research brands and their sustainability initiatives. Check their transparency regarding supply chain practices, manufacturing processes, and overall commitment to environmental responsibility.

Opt for Quality Over Quantity

Choose products that are durable and of high quality, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This not only minimizes waste but also saves resources in the long run.

Embrace Second-Hand Shopping

Explore online platforms that offer second-hand and pre-owned items. Buying used products extends their lifespan and reduces the demand for new production.

Minimize Packaging Waste

Look for retailers that use minimal and eco-friendly packaging. Consider companies that are adopting innovative packaging solutions, such as reusable or biodegradable materials.

Consolidate Orders

Combine multiple purchases into a single order to reduce the number of deliveries. This helps optimize transportation efficiency and lowers the carbon footprint associated with shipping.

online shopping

Choose Eco-Friendly Shipping Options

Opt for shipping methods that prioritize environmental considerations. Some companies offer carbon-neutral shipping or use greener transportation options.

Offset Carbon Emissions

Support businesses that invest in carbon offset programs to compensate for the environmental impact of shipping and other activities. This can help neutralize the carbon footprint associated with your purchases.

Practice Mindful Consumerism

Be conscious of your shopping habits. Consider whether you truly need a new item and whether it aligns with your values. Avoid impulsive purchases and prioritize mindful consumerism.

Advocate for Change

Support policies and initiatives that promote sustainability in e-commerce. Advocate for transparent labeling, responsible sourcing, and measures to reduce the environmental impact of online retail.

Encourage Innovation in Packaging

Support and promote the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions within the industry. Encourage companies to invest in research and development for eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Educate Others

Share information about sustainable online shopping practices with friends, family, and your social network. Increased awareness can lead to a broader adoption of eco-friendly habits.

online shopping

Why is Amazon Bad?

Considering the impact of your consumer choices is crucial, and when it comes to Amazon, there are compelling reasons to rethink your support. Here's a concise breakdown that highlights why minimizing or eliminating your reliance on Amazon is a wise move:

  • 1. Environmental Impact Amazon’s operations have a significant negative impact on the environment. According to its latest sustainability report, Amazon's carbon dioxide emissions surged by an astonishing 18 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. Last year, the company generated a staggering 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The sheer number of delivery vehicles, the miles they cover, and the excessive packaging all contribute to pollution. How many of those delivery boxes end up being recycled?

  • 2. Waste of Returned Items In 2021, a record-breaking $761 billion worth of merchandise was returned. It's often unclear what Amazon does with returned items. While some are resold, many end up in landfills . Perfectly new products, tried on and returned, are discarded. This waste is both unnecessary and damaging.

  • 3. Impact on Local Economies Buying from Amazon often means not supporting local producers. Your money goes to a global corporation instead of a local business owner. When you shop locally, your community benefits from that economic support.

  • 4. Tax Avoidance International companies like Amazon often avoid paying taxes to your local economy. The money you spend doesn’t contribute to local infrastructure or services but rather to the profits of a multinational corporation.

  • 5. Worker Treatment Amazon's treatment of its employees has been widely criticized. Stories abound of long hours, insufficient breaks, and low wages, raising serious ethical concerns about supporting such practices.

  • 6. Price Comparisons Amazon isn't always the best deal. Often, you can find items cheaper elsewhere. The convenience may come at a higher financial cost than you realize.

  • 7. Unreliable Reviews Determining the authenticity of Amazon reviews has become increasingly difficult. Many reviews are written by professional reviewers who haven't actually used the product.

  • 8. Inability to Physically Inspect Items When shopping on Amazon, you can't touch or try on products. Colors, textures, and sizes can be misrepresented online, leading to disappointment and returns, perpetuating the waste cycle.

Not all online shopping is bad. Conscious purchasing from responsible sellers who prioritize environmental sustainability can make a difference. Look for sellers who use eco-friendly packaging and handle returns sustainably.

Amazing Eco Alternatives to Amazon

Explore a greener way to shop online with eco alternatives to Amazon. Discover platforms prioritizing sustainability, ethical practices, and eco-friendly products. Join the revolution for a healthier planet.


In economic unpredictability, embracing eco-friendly alternatives becomes a powerful way to make a positive impact. Enter Etsy, a global marketplace that goes beyond the conventional, connecting you with artisans and entrepreneurs who craft everything from sustainable paper goods to exquisite reclaimed gold jewelry. What sets Etsy apart is not just its diverse array of products but also its unwavering dedication to sustainability. The entire platform, from operations to the marketplace itself, is fueled by renewable energy. Remarkably, Etsy takes the lead as the first major online shopping destination committed to offsetting 100 percent of carbon emissions from shipping.

etsy - amazon alternatives

Grove Collective

In our quest for a clean and green home, Grove Collaborative emerges as a shining eco-friendly alternative to the mainstream giant, Amazon. The commitment to a pristine living space meets affordability in this certified B Corp's offerings. Imagine flexible subscriptions that effortlessly bring cruelty-free, nontoxic household and personal care products straight to your doorstep, all while treading lightly on the planet. Grove goes the extra mile by offsetting each shipment's carbon footprint, minimizing its environmental impact. Not just stopping there, the platform is currently plastic-neutral, with a bold aim to bid farewell to plastic entirely by 2025. Picture this: a founder who, a few years back, switched her monthly Amazon hauls to Grove for a seamless delivery of organic household essentials and toiletries.

grove collective - amazon alternatives

Earth Hero 

Embark on a journey of conscious choices with Earth Hero, the certified B Corp on a mission to redefine your zero waste online shopping experience. Through a meticulous five-step sourcing process, they bring you a curated selection of brands committed to sustainability and safety. Explore a world of eco-friendly alternatives, from zero-waste kits to stylish sustainable denim and even essential baby gear like strollers and toys. Every product is a testament to Earth Hero's dedication to a greener planet. What sets them apart? Not only do they offset the carbon footprint of your order, but they are also proud partners of 1% For The Planet, contributing to environmental causes. It's not just a purchase; it's a conscious update to your lifestyle.

earth hero - amazon alternatives

Zero Waste Store

Embark on a conscious shopping journey with Zero Waste Store, your ultimate destination for eco-friendly alternatives to conventional online marketplaces. Delve into a world of sustainable choices spanning across fashion, home essentials, cleaning products, beauty items, and beyond. What sets Zero Waste Store apart is its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Proudly affiliated with 1% for the Planet, they pledge a portion of their proceeds to environmental causes. Dive into an eco-friendly online shopping experience tailored to your interests, all while enjoying the perks of carbon-neutral shipping. Zero Waste Store isn't just a marketplace; it's a movement on a mission. Their dedication to combating plastic pollution, championing animal rights, promoting conservation, and advocating for various social justice issues sets them apart. With a focus on ethical labor and manufacturing, sustainable ingredients, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and fighting against human trafficking.

zero waste store - amazon alternatives


Calling all eco-conscious enthusiasts and lovers of monthly surprises! Feast your eyes on Mighty Nest, the ultimate haven for sustainable living aficionados. Dive into a world where kitchen marvels, bathroom essentials, travel companions, and wellness wonders unite under the banner of eco-friendliness. For a mere $3, embark on a monthly adventure that not only kickstarts your sustainable living journey but also delivers an exclusive, game-changing product to your doorstep. Unbox the joy of making a positive impact with Mighty Nest – your ticket to a greener, more mindful lifestyle!

mighty nest - amazon alternatives

Thrive Market

Embark on a sustainable online shopping journey with Thrive Market, where community and conscience converge. For just $12 a month, Thrive invites you to join a movement that goes beyond commerce – it's a mission. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of over 6,000 eco-friendly and organic products, from pantry essentials to the finest wines, all available at a fraction of the regular retail price. What sets Thrive apart is not just the curated selection tailored to your dietary and lifestyle preferences, but also the commitment to environmental responsibility. Enjoy lightning-fast and free carbon-neutral shipping on grocery orders exceeding $49, revel in recyclable packaging, and support zero-waste warehouses. What's more, each membership contributes to a virtuous cycle by sponsoring another for a family in financial need or a first responder. Thrive Market isn't just a marketplace; it's a sustainable lifestyle choice. 

thrive market - amazon alternatives

Public Goods

Discover a world of eco-friendly alternatives that go beyond the norm with Public Goods! Dive into a treasure trove of affordable, healthy, and sustainable essentials designed not just for you, but also for your furry companions. Public Goods takes a stand against environmental waste by sourcing innovative biodegradable alternatives crafted from sugarcane, ensuring a guilt-free zero waste online shopping experience. Plus, their commitment to sustainability extends to their paper products, which are proudly tree-free. Join the movement and explore a marketplace that aligns with your values while offering top-notch products for a greener, healthier lifestyle.

public goods - amazon alternatives

Package Free

Step into a realm where sustainability seamlessly intertwines with convenience – a realm known as Package Free! True to its name, this environmentally conscious platform is dedicated to eradicating the less eco-friendly aspects of consumerism. Collaborating with brands committed to eco-friendliness, Package Free presents a diverse array of products, ranging from inventive mouthwash tablets to reusable ear swabs, stainless steel food trays, and silicone sandwich bags. What distinguishes them? It's not merely about the products; it extends to the packaging as well. Say farewell to excessive waste, as Package Free dispatches products using eco-friendly materials like paper tape and 100 percent recyclable, compostable boxes, often sourced from upcycled or recycled materials. For those seeking a hassle-free approach to maintaining an eco-friendly household, their subscription option comes highly recommended by their editor. Bid adieu to single-use plastics with essentials like laundry detergent, razor refills, and shampoo bars delivered sustainably to your doorstep.

package free shop - amazon alternatives

Uncommon Goods

Embark on a journey of sustainable and unique finds with Uncommon Goods, a treasure trove committed to unearthing creative and extraordinary goods from across the globe. Beyond offering a diverse range of one-of-a-kind gifts, this company is a beacon for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives, showcasing products from Black makers and women-owned businesses. Uncommon Goods isn't just a retailer; it's a champion of ethical business practices, proudly holding the title of a founding B Corp. With a commitment to making a positive impact, they donate $1 for every purchase, turning your sustainable online shopping spree into a force for good. From delightful gifts to eco-conscious home goods, kitchenware, and jewelry, this retailer seamlessly blends style and sustainability.

uncommon goods - amazon alternatives

Credo Beauty

Embarking on a journey towards a greener, cleaner lifestyle often leaves us grappling with the ambiguity of terms like "clean" in the  and home product realm. Enter Credo, a trailblazer in setting a new standard for transparency and authenticity. In a market flooded with vague claims, Credo took the reins by creating The Dirty List and The Credo Clean Standard. These tools empower conscious consumers by defining a clear line between products that steer clear of cancer-causing agents, hormone disruptors, allergens, environmental hazards, and toxins. By exclusively curating beauty items that adhere to these stringent standards on their online platform, Credo has made it effortlessly simple to make eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality.

credo beauty - amazon alternatives

Urban Kissed

Step into the world of conscious consumerism with Urbankissed, your go-to e-home for ethical fashion, natural beauty products, eco-friendly activewear, swimwear, jewelry, and lingerie. With over 100 sustainable brands, Urbankissed stands out as a remarkable ethical alternative to conventional platforms like Amazon. Explore a curated collection of 10,000 products, allowing you to shop directly from the source at no additional cost. Whether you're looking to upgrade your capsule wardrobe, discover unique gifts for her, or revamp your homeware for the upcoming season, Urbankissed has you covered. What sets this marketplace apart is its commitment to sustainability, being a proud member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and actively contributing to the development of a circular economy.

urban kissed - amazon alternatives

Eco Roots

Discover a world of eco-conscious alternatives to Amazon that redefine the way you shop! Dive into the sustainable haven curated by EcoRoots, where ethical, plastic-free, and non-toxic products take center stage. From stylish home essentials to eco-friendly kitchenware, indulgent bath products, and beauty must-haves – EcoRoots has it all. Embrace a shopping experience where every item is thoughtfully selected to reduce its environmental footprint. Feel good about your choices, knowing that with each purchase, EcoRoots contributes a portion of the sale to support the vital work of the Ocean Conservancy.

eco roots - amazon alternatives


Step into the world of Novica, where your shopping experience transcends the ordinary. Here, uniqueness takes center stage, as artisans from around the world pour their love and skill into crafting one-of-a-kind treasures. Novica is not just a marketplace; it's a sanctuary for conscious consumers. As a Certified B Corp and a devoted participant in the Fair Trade movement, Novica's commitment to ethics and transparency illuminates every corner of their platform. When you make a purchase on Novica, you're not just buying a product – you're investing in a cause that resonates with your values.

novica - amazon alternatives

Earth Easy

Embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle with EarthEasy, where the mission is to elevate your quality of life through information and products for sustainable living. Imagine a life filled with precious moments spent with family and friends, a reduced cost of living, a home and yard free from toxins, access to wholesome food and safe drinking water, and blissful hours immersed in nature. At Earth Easy, every order placed contributes to a greener planet as they plant a tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future Foundation, a global initiative transforming communities through tree planting since 1989. But the commitment doesn't stop there – Eartheasy is Carbon Balanced by TerraPass, supporting clean energy and carbon reduction projects for a verified and measurable impact on carbon emissions. And as an EPA WaterSense Partner, Eartheasy collaborates with the US Environmental Protection Agency to champion water conservation and efficiency.

earth easy - amazon alternatives


Lochtree is a platform dedicated to promoting sustainable living by offering a curated selection of eco-friendly products, a wealth of educational resources, and a supportive community. Founded by Henry, who was inspired by his childhood love for nature and concern for environmental degradation, Lochtree aims to make sustainable choices accessible, easy, and enjoyable for everyone. The platform carefully vets products to ensure they meet high environmental and social standards while prioritizing convenience and quality. Additionally, Lochtree provides informative content through its blog, newsletter, and social media channels to help individuals navigate the complexities of sustainable living. Whether you're new to eco-conscious living or a seasoned advocate, Lochtree strives to be a trusted partner in your journey towards a greener lifestyle.

lochtree - amazon alternative

As we navigate the vast landscape of zero waste online shopping, it's heartening to discover a multitude of sustainable alternatives that align with our values and the well-being of our planet. Embracing these eco-friendly options not only empowers us as conscious consumers but also fuels a movement toward a greener, more sustainable future. So, the next time you're contemplating a purchase, consider venturing beyond the familiar realms of online giants. Explore the diverse world of sustainable alternatives, where every click and choice becomes a small yet impactful step towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible way of shopping. Together, let's redefine the online marketplace and usher in a new era of mindful consumerism—one that harmonizes with nature and fosters a healthier, more sustainable world for generations to come. Happy and sustainable shopping!


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