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The Surprising Benefits of Switching to a Bamboo Toothbrush

Updated: Mar 28

Most toothbrushes nowadays are made entirely out of plastic. We live in a world with over 7 billion people who all brush their teeth about twice a day and use several toothbrushes yearly. This is a massive contribution to landfills and sometimes even oceans so it is time to make your daily oral hygiene more sustainable. This more sustainable alternative is available for a while now and if you haven't switched to a bamboo toothbrush yet, you find 4 reasons here to convince you to do otherwise.

Plastic handle

The amount of plastic that is produced in the world is close to 400 million tons per year. Our toothbrushes are often just one of these items. Most toothbrushes are still made from plastic which is made from petroleum, a fossil fuel. The production of plastic is rather inexpensive, which is why it is used so often, but it is not very eco-friendly as it requires lots of energy for its production.

Plastic biodegrades incredibly slowly. But, before it completely biodegrades, it first falls apart into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, aka microplastics. Microplastic not only is a threat to human life but also to our environment and all life on earth.