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Bidet Vs Toilet Paper

Updated: 4 days ago

Did you know that the average American tears through 141 toilet-paper rolls in a year? It is about time to look for a more sustainable option. When people mention ‘greening up’ in their homes, the use of bidet vs toilet paper often comes up. The choice you make touches on an intimate aspect of your life. Choose the one that is healthier for you and your family and the environment. To wash with bidets or wipe with toilet paper? Why is your way of disposing of fecal matter an environmental issue? How does your choice affect your health? Keep reading before you answer these questions.

How Do Tissue Papers affect the Environment Negatively?

Trees are a principal raw material when manufacturing toilet paper. Manufacturers avoid using recycled material since the end-product has a rougher feel as consumers go for toilet paper with a soft feel. They, unfortunately, achieve softness by using virgin fiber. Using virgin fiber destroys the environment because manufacturers cut down trees. Deforestation destroys wildlife habitats and requires a lot of water.

Virgin fiber is one that has not been used in any other product. Using such fiber when making toilet paper gene