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20 Items that you can easily Refuse

Updated: Feb 1

Giving free stuff away is easy marketing for a lot of businesses. You give something away with your logo on it and the receiver will be reminded of you every time they see/use that item. However, most of these freebies are discarded soon after someone has received them. This is not only a waste of money for the business but also a waste of resources as the product needs to be created and a lot of waste afterward if the received product is not used and just discarded. Just think about all the waste that is accumulated in landfills that are thrown away freebies. To prevent further accumulation of waste, I have made a list of 20 items that are easy to refuse to reduce your waste production.

Individual serving bags

In this case, I mean bags like the peanut bags you may receive in an airplane or the single-serving plastic-wrapped portions of mayonnaise you may receive in a restaurant.