4 Reasons Why to use Shampoo Bars

Updated: 18 hours ago

Most of us wash our hair a couple times a week. When my hair was really long I washed it only once a week (the last 2 days of the week my hair was always a little greasy but yeah for the french braid), now that it is shorter I wash it twice a week. When you think about the number of plastic bottles each person uses per month to wash their hair (and body) and the amount of chemicals that are washed down the drain, it is shocking. Especially when you wash your hair on a daily base. So, it is time to consider a less wasteful option. 

The shampoo bars I use are delivered ‘naked’ in a cardboard box. This means they are completely plastic-free which I love. Just think about all the empty plastic bottles don’t end up in landfills.

A shampoo bar is small meaning ingredients are very concentrated. They contain fewer ingredients as fewer preservatives like parabens are needed. Which is a benefit for your body too as these are known to be harmful and some even carcinogenic.

Some shampoo bars claim that they last up to 4 times longer compared to liquid shampoo. I am unsure if this is true but I have noticed that my shampoo bar lasts at least twice as long as the last liquid shampoo bottle I bought. Which is great as shampoo bars tend to be more expensive compared to bottles. I hope to one day make my own shampoo bars but for now, the ones I bought are great.

A small shampoo bar is so compact that it is great for traveling too! No dangers of ‘exploding’ bottles in cars or on flights. Just pop them in a waterproof container when they are completely dry and you are good to go. 

I am using Lush shampoo bars but not everyone is a fan. Most of their bars contain SLS (sodium laureate sulfate) which is a chemical used in many cleaning products. It is known to cause skin irritation for some people. It also strips natural oils from your hair. When you have used products with SLS of a long time, your body gets used to it and starts to produce more oils resulting in more washing.

When you switch to a bar without SLS you might find that your hair needs some transition time to get used to the new treatment. I tried the no-poo method (washing your hair without shampoo) for about 3 months but couldn’t get past the transition period (at the end my hair was really disgusting) so I had to switch back to an SLS shampoo. Later I found Lush shampoo bars which worked great for me. 

Shampoo bars are a brilliant alternative to traditional liquid shampoo. They are smaller and lighter, which means less packaging and transport costs. You can use them as easily are conventional shampoo by just rubbing the shampoo bar in your hands and massaging your scalp. It is so easy that there is actually not really a good reason for you not to try it. 

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