How much do Cloth Diapers Save?

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The total costs for cloth diapering are about read multiple reasons why. I knew that they would save me money but I was curious about how much money they would save me exactly. So, I did the math. 

How much do Cloth Diapers Save

Diaper Costs

The total costs for cloth diapering are about: €1350,-

This can be broken down into:

Fitted diapers size 1 for baby’s first year: 25 pieces a €15,- = €375,-

I needed about 12 cover a €15,- a piece (the price of the covers ranged from €10,- to €20,- (I am a sucker for cute prints)) = €180,-

Fitted diapers size 2 for the next 1,5 years 20 pieces a €10,- = €200,-

With 10 covers a €10,- a piece = €100,- (I had a great deal for size 2 diapers and covers)

Total costs for diapers: €855,-

Costs for cloth diaper accessories:

Liners to catch poop (I wash and reuse them when they are only wet): 6 packs a 5,- per year resulting in €90,- over 2,5 years.

Costs of washing: Doing laundry at 60 degrees costs about €1,- per washing (water, electricity, detergent and write-off). I wash the diapers twice a week resulting in €104,- per year and 260,- from birth to potty training. I don’t have a dryer so no extra costs for drying for me.

2 wetbags for dirty diapers on the go: €15,-

2 large wetbags to store dirty diapers at home: €40,-

Reusable baby wipes. I have about 70 which is more than sufficient for one kid. I think it is also plenty when you have 2 or more kids. I use them not only during diaper changes but also for wiping hands and mouths after eating. Just like you would with disposable ones. They were about €12,50 for 10 wipes so these cost me about €90,-. I wash them together with the diapers so there is not extra washing costs.

Total costs for cloth diaper accessories: €495,-

Remember that for baby 2 most of this can be reused. I probably have to purchase new covers as the waterproof layer wears out in time and I need new liners. This will costs around €250,- in total for kid #2.

How much do Cloth Diapers Save

Disposable diapers

For the first few weeks, I choose to use organic disposable diapers. I wouldn’t want the chemicals that are in disposable (non-organic) diapers near my lady parts so I am not doing that to my baby. Therefore, I choose organic (I still use organic disposables when traveling for more than 2 days). I also choose eco-friendly baby wipes that had the least amount of preservatives. 

Costs of organic disposable nappies for 2,5 years (=900 days) is about €2600,- per kid

This can be broken down into:

Babies first year 8 diapers per day 300x8x€0,25 = €600,-

Second 1,5 year 6 diapers per day 600x6x€0,45 = €1620,-

reusable baby wipes

Disposable wipes:

Say you use 12 wipes a day during babies' first year and about 15 a day during the remainder of the diaper time. The wipes I used are €0,05 per wipe so disposable wipes would cost me: (12x300+15x600)x €0,03=€380,-

So for 1 kid it saves me: €2600,- (costs for disposable diapers) - €1350,- (costs for cloth diapers)= €1250,-

When you have 2 kids that would be (€2600,-x2) - (€1350,-+€250,-) = €3600,-

These costs will, of course, vary when you choose a cheaper type of cloth or disposable diaper but overall it gives a good indication about how much money you can save by using cloth diapers. 

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