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Celebrate Mom and the Earth: 30+ Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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Mothers day is coming up and you want to give her something fun, useful, and sustainable as well. Therefore, I have made a list of zero waste mothers' day gift ideas to give you some inspiration for what to give your mom this year that does not leave a large carbon footprint and will certainly be useful for here.

I have divided this post into 3 sections as I believe not all gifts have to be physical gifts. Experience gifts and handmade gifts (which are technically still physical gifts) also make great eco-friendly gifts for mom while not contributing to landfills.

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Physical gifts


Most people love receiving flowers and moms are no exception. However, flowers are often not produced locally so there is huge transportation involved. For example, roses I can purchase in the Netherlands are not produced in the Netherlands or even in Europe but in Kenya or Tanzania. While for the US cut flowers are often grown in Colombia.

This is not the only reason flowers have a huge carbon footprint. Not only do regulations regarding fertilizers and pesticides differ greatly between Europe and Africa also the conditions the people working in differ greatly. They are often exposed to toxins present in these fertilizers and even to harmful preservatives which are needed to extend the shelflife of the flowers who have to fly this far. So, overall it is better to avoid giving cut-flowers to mom, but what is a good alternative?

eco friendly mothers day gift ideas

Dried flowers

Yes, they could have the same issues as mentioned above but they will last you much longer than seven to ten days which a usual bouquet lasts. I have two bouquets with dried flowers at home that have been going strong for at least a year and I am sure moms would love a bouquet that lasts them this long.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - dried flowers


Does your mom have a green thumb? Have her grow flowers by herself by giving her seeds. Even though seeds production has the same issues as mentioned above because they are produced so far away. The transportation is only a fraction and the shelflife issues fresh flowers have do not apply to seeds.

Unpaper towels

Most of us cannot imagine daily life without kitchen towels, but you want to live eco-friendly, also for your mom, then these unpaper towels are the sustainable kitchen solution you were looking for. They are both functional (and reusable) while also looking gorgeous. This shop has over 50 different prints to be sure there is one that fits your moms' kitchen perfectly.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - unpaper towels

Vegan wraps

Storing leftover food without plastic can be a challenge. Especially if you also want it to be vegan as beeswax wraps are getting quite popular and more accessible. There, however, are just like regular beeswax wraps, but are made with candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. So these are completely vegan! Like beeswax wraps, these are moldable with the warmth of your hands so you can cover the bowl with leftovers.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - vegan wax wraps


Is your mom a tea drinker? How about a gorgeous teapot to make her drinks much more enjoyable? I love this design but there are many more amazing options available to for sure suit your moms' style. There are even ones that come with a tea infuser to make creating a zero waste cup of tea even easier.

Nut milk kit

Milk is, in most cases, sold in either plastic or a carton which is challenging to recycle. You can avoid this by making delicious nut milk with a Nut Milk Kit all by yourself. This kit has everything you need to get started with a NutMilk Filter, designed to last a least a year of use, and a convenient canning jar. Then, add water and your favorite nut milk recipe, and you will be good to go! Read more about plant-based milk alternatives to cow milk.

What makes this kit great is that it is not limited to nut milk but can also be used to make cold brew coffee.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - nutmilk kit

Organic robe

This Bamboo Waffle Bath Robe is made from 100% bamboo lyocell. This fabric is moisture-wicking and fast-drying with a honeycomb waffle texture. Bamboo fabric is amazing because it is breathable, naturally bacteria-resistant, and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Especially after a relaxing shower.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - organic robe

Organic bath towels

Give mom some luxury with these Organic Cotton Jacquard Bath Towels. These towels are ethically made from 100% organic cotton. They are spun using extra-long cotton loops for a plush surface that's soft and welcoming after a bath. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and sets, so you are sure to find a set that fits your mothers' eco-friendly bathroom perfectly.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - organic towels

Makeup brush set

Did you know that most makeup brushes are made from plastic and animal hairs? Unlike most brushes, this Bamboo Makeup Brush Set is made with eco-friendly materials like ethically sourced bamboo and Taklon bristles. This makes high-quality makeup brushes that will last a lifetime. They are vegan and cruelty-free as Taklon is a synthetic alternative to animal fur. They are naturally non-porous, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic for a flawless natural look.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - bamboo brushes

Personalized water bottle

If you mom doesn’t already have one, it is time for one now. Nowadays there are just some many gorgeous water bottles available there is no excuse to no have/use one. I personally love the print on this one and you can add a nice quote/names of grandkids to make it more personal.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas - water bottle

Experience gifts

Go for a walk

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas

When was the last time you had a real, face to face, talk with your mom? Yeah, it has been a while for me too. Going for a walk and spending some quality time together is a great gift for a mom who you don’t get to see that often. You could go to your local park or turn it into a trip by visiting a nature reserve.

Visit a restaurant

If your mom isn’t very fond of spending time in nature, you could take her to a restaurant in town for a great meal. Maybe the two of you could try a new (for you) cuisine or visit a new (vegan) restaurant that she wants to visit in a town just a little further than what you usually go to. Either way, mealtime is also a great time to spend with your mom.

eco friendly mothers day gift ideas

High tea

Does your mom love tea? Or maybe she prefers coffee and you can turn it into a high coffee. Both are great to enjoy your mothers' company while drinking a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

Wine tasing

If you want to plan something at the end of the day then maybe a wine tasting is fun for the two of you. Try out new locally produced wines to find how the two of you differ and what you have in common when it comes to wine preferences.

Visit a Museum

If your mom is into art you could visit a museum she loves or has never been to before. Some musea also offer art lessons so you want to get your creative juices flowing, maybe this is for you.


Who does your mom not have enough photos of? This is probably herself or you (or maybe both). So, plan a photoshoot for the two of you to memorize this great day. Maybe even go to a location that means something to the two of you to make the shoot more personal.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

Spa day

If you and your mom enjoy the sauna, maybe book a day at your local spa. Include a mother-daughter massage if you want to turn it into an extra relaxing day for the two of you. You could even book facials to end the end feeling relaxed and gorgeous.

A donation in their name

Does your mom support a charity or does she feel strongly about a certain charity? Donate in their name or, even better, do something with your mom for that charity. Either work for that charity directly or do something to raise some money for the charity.

Visit a concert

Visit a music show with your mom if she is into music. This can be all types of music like visiting a jazz bar to listen to the music while having a nice glass of wine or visiting a rock concert if the two of you are into the heavier kind of music.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

A therapy session

Now, I don’t mean this the wrong way but clearing up some mental space is a great gift to give someone. Not everyone likes to talk about everything with friends or family. Especially for them, a therapy session can be a great gift. This way they can clear their mind while getting objective advice.

Homemade gifts


One of my favorite things to eat is freshly-baked bread. I think I am not the only one. Therefore, a fresher-backed loaf of bread is a great gift for mom. You can even make it more personal by creating it just the way she likes it? Does she have a sweet tooth? Make raisin bread. Does she prefer savory tastes? How about making cheese onion bread. There are so many options to make bread there must be one that your mom likes.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

Home-cooked meal

Invite your mom over for dinner and cook her a fancy meal. You could make the meal together or prepare the entire meal by yourself if that is what you prefer. Either way, enjoying a meal with just you and your mom is a great way to catch up and spend some quality time together.


Cookies are an adorable gift if you have kids and want to give your mom a personal gift. I have to admit, the cookies I make with my daughter are not the prettiest but they are the most fun to make and you will for sure give your mom a gift that was made with love.

Body butter

Of all the DIY skincare products I have made, body butter is the easiest to make. This is because a body butter has no water so it doesn’t need to emulsify. To make this body butter, you just need to wipe up all the ingredients and put it in a jar of choice. Easy.


These are fun to make and to use! Making these is easy as you just need to mix the right ingredients in the right quantities and press them into a mold. It is a little more tricky compared to candle making but this is also a very fun DIY project for a gift.

Body scrub

A body scrub is another awesome eco friendly DIY gift. Especially when you make it with leftover coffee grounds. I usually make this by mixing it 1:1 with melted coconut oil. Adding some cinnamon and vanilla for extra scent is optional but might be great for a gift. Put everything in a cute jar that your mom will love so you can give your mom a body scrub for amazingly soft skin.


DIY candles require a little more work. Just because you need to melt your wax but this also means that you can make your candles in any shape that you want. You can even add some scent to make it an even more personal gift.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

Salt dough craft

This again makes a great gift if you have kids yourself. Crafting with your kids is not only a great bonding time, but you will also make a great gift. Salt dough is easy to make by mixing 2 parts flour with 1 part salt and 1 part water.

When you have created your masterpieces, place them in the oven until hard and your gifts are ready.

DIY tote bag

Are you more into sewing? A homemade tote bag is a great sustainable gift for everyone. We all use bags regularly and with frequent use, they tend to tear, so it is also ways handy to have more than one bag with you. A tote bag is easy to make even for the beginner sewist and even though the result might not be perfect, because of the amount of love you put in there, your mom will love it.

Eco Friendly Mother's day Gift ideas -

Bouquet of wildflowers

As mothers day is in spring, you can pick your own bouquet of flowers for your mom. I recommend going to a designated place to pick the flowers. Picking graders can be found in lots of places. This way you don’t disturb nature and you can find the prettiest flowers relatively close to each other.

I hope this list of 30 eco friendly mothers day gifts gives you some inspiration to make giving gifts to your mom more sustainable.

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