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10+ Must-Have Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnant & Nursing Moms

Updated: May 31

When you are expecting, everything will change. One of the first things that will change is you and your body. To accommodate this change you need to make some alterations to your wardrobe. Instead of purchasing a whole new wardrobe (as a fast fashion brand would like you to do) I also want to give some tips and tricks to avoid purchasing a lot of new maternity clothes. However, you may also need some new clothes therefore you can also find 10 gorgeous sustainable and ethical maternity clothes brands for pregnancy and nursing.

Why Choose Sustainable Maternity Clothes

Choosing sustainable maternity brands isn't just about dressing for two—it's about dressing with purpose. Pregnancy is a time of profound change, both personally and globally, and every choice we make can ripple outwards. Opting for sustainable maternity wear isn't just a nod to fashion; it's a commitment to the world we want to leave for our children. By supporting brands that prioritize eco-conscious materials and ethical practices, we're not only wrapping our growing bumps in comfort and style but also wrapping our arms around a healthier, more equitable future. It's a choice that resonates far beyond the maternity ward, echoing a belief in sustainability as a lifestyle, not just a trend.

Check Your Wardrobe

Before hitting the stores, take a peek into your own closet—you might be pleasantly surprised by what you already have! During my pregnancy, I practically lived in my trusty leggings. Pro tip: wear them backward, letting that extra fabric meant for your rear cover your growing belly—it's a game-changer, and no one will be the wiser! Plus, keep an eye out for shirts and dresses crafted from stretchy materials; they're absolute lifesavers as they effortlessly accommodate your blossoming bump. Trust me, these simple hacks will save you both time and money, leaving you feeling comfy and stylish throughout your pregnancy journey.

Secondhand Maternity Clothes

Reach out to your circle; those seasoned mothers might just have a treasure trove of maternity clothes waiting to be rediscovered. Lucky enough, some might even generously offer to pass them on, saving you a bundle. Yet, if you find yourself blazing the trail amongst your friends, fret not; your burgeoning bump deserves to be dressed in style too. While traditional thrift stores might not always be brimming with maternity finds—though it's worth a peek—don't overlook the digital aisles of online thrift stores. From chic tops to cozy bottoms, there's a world of sustainable, wallet-friendly options waiting to embrace your changing silhouette.

Renting Maternity Clothes

As the trend of renting clothes gains momentum, it's transforming the way we approach our wardrobes, especially during transitional phases like pregnancy and nursing. While I didn't have the luxury of such services in my area, I've seen firsthand the convenience and sustainability benefits they offer. For expecting mothers, renting or borrowing maternity wear can be a game-changer, sparing you the headache of selling clothes you'll soon outgrow. It's not just a practical solution; it's a conscious choice to reduce waste and minimize our fashion footprint. So, if you're preparing for the journey of motherhood, keep an eye out for rental options—it's a stylish and eco-friendly way to dress for the occasion.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

Maternity Clothes Brands

As your bump grows, your wardrobe needs expand, but so does your responsibility to choose consciously. Whether it's the urge to accommodate your changing body or the desire to align your purchases with your values, there's no shortage of reasons to seek out ethically made, sustainable maternity wear. Luckily, a wave of innovative brands has emerged, offering a treasure trove of thoughtfully crafted garments designed to support you through pregnancy and beyond. From bump-hugging dresses to nursing-friendly tops, these brands blend style with sustainability, ensuring that every maternity moment is both comfortable and conscientious.


When it comes to sustainable maternity essentials that won't break the bank, Pact reigns supreme. From snug t-shirts to flexible leggings and elegant dresses, they've got your pregnancy and nursing needs covered, all while keeping comfort and style at the forefront. What sets them apart? Every stitch is crafted in certified Fair Trade factories, using organically sourced cotton that's as gentle on the earth as it is on your skin. And the best part? Pact loves treating their community with discounts and seasonal specials, so keep those eyes peeled for their latest steals and deals—you never know when your favorite piece might be on sale!

Pact - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


Hatch isn't just about dressing for pregnancy; it's about curating a sustainable wardrobe that evolves with you from the first trimester through the fourth. Their collection isn't just about fashion; it's about building a mindful, eco-friendly wardrobe that supports your changing body and values. From effortlessly chic dresses to thoughtfully crafted undergarments, Hatch ensures that every piece you wear is not only comfortable but also ethically made. They understand that as your belly grows during pregnancy, so do your breasts, which is why they prioritize supportive designs for all aspects of your changing silhouette. After all, Hatch believes that the first thing you put on should be the best thing you put on, setting the tone for a day filled with comfort, confidence, and conscious choices.

Hatch - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

My Bump

Step into the world of My Bump, where every stitch tells a story of sustainability and style. Proudly crafted within the USA, their entire collection is a testament to ethical production and eco-conscious materials. From the softest leggings perfect for lounging to the most stunning summer dresses, My Bump offers expectant mothers a blend of simplicity and elegance that effortlessly complements every stage of pregnancy. Embrace comfort without compromising on fashion as you journey through the beautiful chaos of motherhood with My Bump by your side.

My Bump - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


At Boob, they're not just about outfitting moms-to-be; they're about empowering them with the right gear for their incredible journey. That's why every stitch of their nursing bras, breastfeeding clothing, and maternity wear is meticulously crafted from organic, sustainable materials. Not stopping there, they go the extra mile by ensuring your order reaches you through climate-neutral shipping, because they understand that every little choice counts when it comes to minimizing our impact on the planet. So, when you choose Boob, you're not just choosing comfort and style—you're choosing to make a positive difference, one eco-friendly garment at a time.

Boob - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


Step into the world of Underproduction, where sustainability meets style in every stitch. With a commitment to eco-consciousness, they weave stories of elegance and responsibility using materials like luxurious Italian lace and mesh crafted from recycled nylon and elastane. Here, fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good, knowing that each garment treads lightly on the planet. From cozy tights to supportive nursing bras and sleek swimwear, their collection embodies both comfort and conscience. Certified vegan by PETA and ethically manufactured from inception to completion, Underproduction ensures that every thread tells a tale of compassion and care. And the cherry on top? They're proudly a Certified B Corp, a badge of honor for their unwavering dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

underprotection - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


Frugi isn't just about dressing sustainably; it's about dressing joyfully. With a passion for vibrant colors and daring designs, Frugi doesn't just make our world a little greener—it makes it brighter too. Every piece in their collection, from maternity wear to baby and kids' clothing, is crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring that every stitch is as eco-friendly as it is eye-catching. If you're someone who loves to express yourself through bold hues and make a statement with your wardrobe, Frugi is the brand for you. So why settle for dull when you can dazzle sustainably with Frugi?

frugi - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


At Storq, it's all about you. Amidst the whirlwind of pregnancy, they're your oasis, focusing not just on the baby, but on you—the parent-to-be. From the moment you slip into their thoughtfully designed pieces, it's clear: comfort and authenticity reign supreme. Storq crafts essentials that seamlessly transition from pregnancy to postpartum, ensuring you feel like yourself every step of the way. And if you're craving a pop of color and a bold statement, look no further than Frugi. With their vibrant hues and eye-catching designs, Frugi empowers you to express your unique style while embracing the beautiful journey of motherhood. Whether it's finding the perfect nursing top or a cozy maternity dress, Storq and Frugi have got you covered, ensuring your sustainable maternity wardrobe is as vibrant and dynamic as you are.

storq - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

Kindred Bravely

Embarking on the journey of motherhood is a remarkable adventure, one that Kindred Bravely understands intimately. Their collection of meticulously crafted sustainable clothes is more than just garments; they're companions designed to support you every step of the way, from the burgeoning bump to the tender nursing moments and beyond. With a firm belief that you deserve to look and feel great throughout your motherhood journey, Kindred Bravely's offerings exude comfort, style, and practicality. Plus, don't miss out on their incredible bundle discounts, available on their website. It's not just about buying clothes; it's about investing in the moments that matter most.

kindred bravely - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver isn't just your average maternity brand—it's a beacon of sustainable style, wrapped in ethical practices and environmental consciousness. Based in the UK, they've mastered the art of crafting garments that not only fit and flatter but also evolve with you throughout pregnancy and beyond. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their chic collections; it's woven into every thread of their ethos. And if you're looking to be thrifty without compromising on quality, their pre-loved section offers the same impeccable Isabella Oliver style at a fraction of the cost. It's a win-win for your wallet and the planet. Plus, by shopping pre-loved, you're not just reducing waste—you're also supporting a good cause. With 50% of net proceeds from pre-loved sales going to Oxfam, you're not just dressing consciously; you're making a difference in the fight against poverty worldwide.

isabella Oliver - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing


Dive into the vibrant world of Etsy to discover stunning maternity wear while championing small businesses. Etsy isn't just a marketplace; it's a treasure trove of individuality and creativity. Here, you'll unearth pieces as unique as you are, perhaps even personalized just for you. While the price tag may reflect the handmade touch, rest assured that every penny directly supports a fellow mama on her entrepreneurial journey. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, on Etsy, the designer often wears multiple hats, from crafting your garment with care to personally packaging and shipping it to your doorstep. With Etsy, your purchase isn't just about fashion—it's a celebration of craftsmanship, community, and the beautiful journey of motherhood.

etsy - Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

In closing, sustainable maternity brands aren't just about fashion; they're about embracing a profound commitment to our planet's well-being while celebrating the beautiful journey of motherhood. By supporting these brands, we're not only adorning ourselves with thoughtfully crafted garments but also weaving a narrative of sustainability, ethics, and empowerment into the very fabric of our maternal experiences. As we look towards the future, let's continue to champion these brands, not just for their stylish designs, but for the positive impact they make on both mothers and the world they're bringing new life into. Together, we're not just dressing for today; we're shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.

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