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The Ultimate Guide: 10 Must-Have Sustainable Maternity Brands for Pregnant & Nursing Moms

Updated: Mar 12

When you are expecting, everything will change. One of the first things that will change is you and your body. To accommodate this change you need to make some alterations to your wardrobe. Instead of purchasing a whole new wardrobe (as a fast fashion brand would like you to do) I also want to give some tips and tricks to avoid purchasing a lot of new maternity clothes. However, you may also need some new clothes therefore you can also find 10 gorgeous sustainable and ethical maternity clothes brands for pregnancy and nursing.

Check Your Wardrobe

Before you go shopping, new or even secondhand, check your wardrobe as you most likely have lots of items that will fit a growing belly. I wore my leggings almost during my entire pregnancy.

I wore them backwards so the extra fabric that is usually for your butt goes over the belly. No one will notice anyway.

Also, shirts and dresses made with stretchy fabric will go a long way in your pregnancy as most go over a growing belly just fine.

Secondhand maternity clothes

Ask around. Women who have had babies may still have their maternity clothes in a box somewhere. If you are lucky some may offer you as well saving you lots of money. However, if you are the first of your friends to expect, you may need some clothes to fit your bump. In my experience, thrift stores don’t have lots of maternity clothes (but your thrift store may differ) and I purchased a lot in online thrift stores.

Renting Maternity Clothes

Renting clothes is becoming more popular saving you the hassle of selling your clothes when you are no longer pregnant or nursing. I am not fortunate enough to have such a service nearby so this was not an option for me. However, if you are expecting look out for this option as renting (or borrowing) is one of the most sustainable options available.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing

Maternity Clothes Brands

With a growing bump, you may still need some clothes or maybe the hormones in your body demand you to purchase your clothes new and as ethically as possible. For those, there are these amazing brands below that have a great collection of ethical and sustainable maternity clothes for your pregnancy and nursing period.


Pact is one of the most affordable brands for sustainable maternity basics. All their clothes are made in certified Fair Trade factories using sustainably sourced organic cotton. Their collection ranges from t-shirts to leggings to dresses and nursing bras. Setting you up for both pregnancy and breastfeeding in a stylish yet comfortable way.

Pact often has discounts and seasonal offers so be on the lookout for their latest sale.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - pact


Hatch aims to provide solutions from your first to the fourth trimester with all the sustainable building pieces to create an ethical and eco-friendly wardrobe. Ranging from comfortable dresses to thoroughly designed undergarments as they believe ‘the first thing you put on should be the best thing you put on’. As not only your belly will grow when you are pregnant, also your breast will grow so you need to make sure your girls are supported as well.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - hatch

My Bump

The entire collection of My Bump is made ethically within the USA using only sustainable sources and materials. Their collection consists of simple and elegant designs that are comfortable and complements you through all stages of your pregnancy. Whether you are looking for comfortable leggings to lounge on the couch or a gorgeous summer dress, my Bumb has it all for expecting mothers.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - my bump


At Boob they believe that moms-to-be deserve the right gear for their bodies. To meet this goal, Boob has designed nursing bras, breastfeeding clothing, and maternity wears with organic and sustainable materials to reduce your impact on our planet. What is even better is that they ship your order to you via climate-neutral shipping to reduce your impact even further.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - boob


Underproduction works with sustainable materials like Italian lace and mesh created from recycled nylon and recycled elastane. Creating eco-friendly garments as fewer new resources are required for the production of your clothes. Their collection ranges from comfortable tights to, nursing bras to swimwear, all are certified vegan by PETA and ethically manufactured from start to finish. What is even better is that Underprotection is a Certified B Corp.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - underprotection


Frugi is known for its love of color and bold print and designs making our world not only a little greener but also a little brighter.

They use GOTS-certified organic cotton for their entire collection which also includes baby and kids' wear. So if you are into lots of colors and making a statement with your clothing, Frugi is the brand for you.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - frugi


Storq aims for you to feel comfortable and feel like yourself during pregnancy and beyond. Lots of people around you are going to be thinking about the baby, but at Storq they are going to be thinking mostly about you, the parents-to-be. They are focused on making what they wish they had or think you’d need, to make your life easier during pregnancy and nursing.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - storq

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely's collection of clothes is meticulously designed to make the motherhood journey easier on you, from the bump to the breast and beyond. As they believe you deserve to look and feel great all of the time.

Kindred bravely has some amazing bundle discounts on their website so don’t forget to check those out.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - kindred bravely

Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver is a UK-based maternity brand, with a focus on environmental, ethical, and sustainable style, that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Their collection is defined by fabulous fabrics that fit, flatter, and grow as your body does.

If you want to save a penny, they have a pre-loved section as well with the same amazing brand but for a fraction of the price. Good for your wallet and the planet. 50% of net proceeds from their Pre-Loved sales are donated to Oxfam to support their work to help beat poverty around the world.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - isabella oliver


Support small businesses and browse on Etsy to find gorgeous maternity wear. Etsy is the place to be if you are looking for something unique and maybe even personalized for you. This clothing may be a little more expensive but you are 100% sure that you support a fellow mama with your purchase. On Etsy, almost all profit goes to the creator as the designer is often also the one who packages and ships your order.

Sustainable Maternity Clothes Brands for Pregnancy and Nursing - etsy

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