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5 Disadvantages of Shampoo Bottles

Updated: May 25

When you run out of shampoo, it feels like a field trip going to the store for a new bottle. With shampoo bottles available in so many colors, sizes, and scents, it is incredibly challenging to decide which one to choose. And all so colorful bottles are decorated with pictures or drawings of fruits, vegetables, or various plants, all promising beautiful, luxurious hair. But unfortunately, you never take the time to read the small print on the backside of the bottle to read what the shampoo is made of–if there are pictures of mango, vanilla, and aloe vera–the shampoo must be all-natural and good for you. Sadly, many times this is not the case.

So next time in the store, do look at the small print, and you will be surprised there is just the tiniest bit of mango, vanilla, or aloe vera, just a bunch of (harmful) chemicals perfumes a lot of water.

When you realize what shampoos, particularly those sold in plastic bottles, are made of and how much harm they are doing, you will be the first advocate for an alternative like a shampoobar or making your own haircare products.

Below you can find 5 convincing reasons to avoid drugstore shampoo bottles, making it easier when talking to your friends and family to persuade them to ditch the bottled shampoo as well.