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8 reasons to DIY hair care products

Updated: May 31, 2022

We are becoming more and more aware of what we put into our bodies. We want to eat as healthy and natural as possible as we know that is the best for our bodies and we even choose organic when we have the possibility. We cook our meals so we know exactly what is in there so we have complete control over what nutrients we put into our bodies. However, when it comes to self-care products, we are willing to compromise. We indeed want to put only safe and good products on our skin and hair and we do that by purchasing products that are labeled ‘pure’ or ‘natural’ without exactly knowing what is in these products and how they benefit our bodies.

Today I want to share with you 8 reasons to DIY your hair care products.

Let me start by mentioning that the terms ‘natural’, ‘pure’, ‘eco’, ‘botanical’ etc. are not term that is protected by law. The term natural can have several definitions depending on the person you ask. Most would say natural should mean derived from nature. But, how much humankind has to interfere before the end product is created differs. Some say that natural should mean that there was no interference of man for the creating of the product while someone else says that for something to be natural it should still be derived from nature but it is ok for humankind to alter it. In this

case, this could main, turning olives into olive oil but also turning crude oil (technically this is natural as this is the form that it is found in nature) into gasoline. As you can see, the term natural can mean a wide variety of things and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Organic, however, is a protected term. For products to be credited as organic, the farming conditions as well as the processing equipment should according to certain standards before it may be labeled as such.



The biggest benefit of making hair care products yourself is the control you have. I know exactly how much of each ingredient goes into the products I make and how they contribute to the end products. When you buy something from the store, you know what is in there as this is required by law but they don’t have to specify how much of each ingredient is in there or why it is in there.

Next to that, when you make the products yourself you can avoid what you are allergic or sensitive to. I am allergic to beeswax. This is used in a lot of products as it is rather cheap and adds a rich feel to the products but as my skin does not like it, I want to avoid it as much as possible.

Natural only

As mentioned before, natural is a vague term but you choose the ingredients for the products you make yourself. You only select ingredients that suit your requirements. For example, when I make my own, I only choose ingredients that are processed as little as possible. This is often clearly mentioned by the manufacturer of the product on the website they are selling. I avoid ingredients that have alcohol because I know it is extremely drying for my hair and scalp.

You can select ingredients from a synthetically free source (even the preservative can be organic) creating products that have a lot fewer chemicals in them.

Quality ingredients only

When buying store-bought products, you assume that only the best quality ingredients are selected for the products they are making. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Also in the cosmetic industry, they would like to make as much money as possible and quality ingredients cost money. But even if a luxury oil was select for a product there could still be a difference in different batches. This is because of the purity of the ingredient. The more pure the oil, the higher the price. Just like the coconut oil, you can purchase for about $1,- a jar but there is also coconut oil that is 20 times more expensive. Both are coconut oil but one is much purer (less contaminates and bacteria than the other).

Specific for your hair and scalp needs

Everybody is different and everybody’s hair is different. There is no such thing I one size fits all. Not for your skin and neither for your hair. Making your products can offer much greater and wider-reaching benefits. I, for example, have very dry skin and an itchy scalp but my hair is normal. Just a bit dry at the ends. So, I choose ingredients specifically for these needs. I created a scalp oil for my dry scalp and a hair balm for my dry ends.

Knowledge is power

I think it is empowering to know what I put in my hair and onto my body and not rely on large cooperations feeding me info that might not be true. When you get into formulating, you find out it is like cooking. It takes some practice but after a couple of tries, you know what you are doing and can create amazing products.



You might think that making your hair care products are expensive. You have to purchase all this equipment and the ingredients that are rather pricy. Well, yes you indeed have to make purchases up front but once you have all your ingredients, you can make lots of great quality products for just a fraction of the costs. Most ingredients last you a long time, saving you money in the end. Also, most hair care products consist mostly of water (also the DIY ones) making them inexpensive to make.

Next to that, a lot of the costs for store-bought products is the brand name.

Fun and rewarding

Formulating hair care products is a very fun and rewarding hobby (kind of like cooking an amazing meal). After using my hair mask my hair feels amazingly soft. Much softer than I ever had after a store-bought product.

Awesome gifts

DIY products are an amazing gift. Although the first time I gave away a hair mask my friends we a bit hesitant (and rightfully so as they don’t know what is in there) but after the first try they were amazed at the product I created and loved using it.

There you have it, 8 reasons why I formulate my hair care products. It is much easier than you think and so rewarding when you create a product that your hair loves.

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