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My Honest Ethique Conditioner Bar Review

Updated: Mar 27

In a cozy kitchen nestled in Ōtautahi (Christchurch), Aotearoa (New Zealand), a quiet revolution began to take shape. The year was 2012, and Brianne West, fueled by a growing dismay at the overwhelming tide of plastic waste inundating the cosmetics industry, embarked on a courageous mission. Little did she realize that her humble experiments would ignite a global movement. From the modest confines of her home kitchen, amidst the familiar hum of daily life, Brianne set out to craft solutions. Through the tumultuous journey of crowdfunding and the trials of entrepreneurship, Ethique emerged as a shining example of sustainability and innovation.

Today, Ethique's narrative is nothing short of remarkable. With its footprint extending across 22 countries, the brand remains resolute in its dedication to creating products that not only benefit consumers but also uphold the sanctity of our planet. From the groundbreaking introduction of their shampoo bars to their latest venture into concentrated formulations, Ethique continually pushes the boundaries of eco-conscious beauty.

As Ethique commemorates its tenth anniversary and proudly reflects on the monumental achievement of saving 30 million plastic bottles from the landfill, it's abundantly clear that their story is far from reaching its conclusion. It's a testament to the indomitable spirit of one woman's vision to enact change, one sustainable bar at a time.

About Ethique

Ethique shampoo and conditioner bars transcend mere hair care products; they epitomize a transformative approach to responsible business practices. Rooted in a profound reverence for our planet and its inhabitants, Ethique's core mission revolves around minimizing waste, upholding ethical standards, and fostering the well-being of both nature and communities. Setting a lofty standard for eco-conscious beauty, Ethique's commitment shines through every facet of its operation.

From achieving B Corp Certification and cruelty-free status to exclusively utilizing vegan ingredients and conscientiously avoiding palm oil, Ethique leaves no sustainability stone unturned. Yet, their dedication extends beyond formulation—each aspect, down to the packaging, is meticulously crafted to reflect their unwavering ethos. With packaging that's plastic-free, home-compostable, and recyclable, Ethique ensures that every step of their process aligns with their values.

When you choose Ethique, you're not merely purchasing a product; you're championing a cause, endorsing initiatives that resonate with your principles, and actively contributing to positive change. Ethique isn't just redefining beauty; it's revolutionizing the way we engage with the world and each other.

Ethique Conditioner bar review


Ethique proudly boasts several official certifications that underscore its unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical standards. Among these certifications are:

  • Certified B Corporation: This prestigious accreditation serves as a testament to Ethique's steadfast commitment to upholding rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

  • Cruelty-Free International: Ethique's products have earned the esteemed cruelty-free certification, affirming that they undergo no animal testing at any stage of production, aligning seamlessly with Ethique's ethos of compassion and respect for all living beings.

  • Vegan Society: Ethique's products proudly bear the certification of the Vegan Society, signifying that they are entirely devoid of animal-derived ingredients, ensuring suitability for individuals adhering to a vegan lifestyle.

Ethique Conditioner bar review


When I purchased my Ethique shampoo bar, it came packaged in eco-conscious materials designed with sustainability in mind. Each item was thoughtfully enclosed in home-compostable cardboard boxes sealed with compostable tape, ensuring both product protection and minimal environmental impact.

Although I didn't order online and instead visited a physical store, Ethique's website highlights their innovative approach to packaging. They use a clever alternative to traditional bubble wrap - paper 'bubble wrap' - which not only provides ample protection for your purchases but can also be repurposed, recycled, or composted after use. While the shipping labels may not share the same compostable qualities, Ethique encourages customers to seek guidance from local authorities for proper disposal or recycling methods, ensuring every aspect of the packaging aligns with their dedication to a more sustainable future.

Ethique Conditioner Bar Review

Get ready to embark on a journey to luscious locks with Ethique conditioner bars! If you're tired of cluttered shower shelves and plastic bottles cluttering your bathroom, Ethique has the solution you've been craving. These compact, eco-friendly conditioner bars are not only good for the planet but pack a powerful punch when it comes to nourishing your hair. But don't just take our word for it; let's dive into a review of these game-changing bars and discover why they're earning rave reviews from beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Ethique conditioner bar ingredients

Behentrimonium methosulfate (3), brassica alcohol (3), hydrogenated castor oil (2), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (2), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter (2), glycerin (1), stearic acid (2), caprylic/capric triglyceride (2), panthenol (1), Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil (5), benzyl alcohol (4), dehydroacetic acid (4), aqua (water), limonene (5), mica, CI 77288, CI 77891.

1: Humectant

2: Emolient 

3: Emulsifier

4: Preservative

5: Fragrance

First impression

I love the color of this conditioner bar. It is so vibrant, that it makes me smill. I don’t like that it is much smaller than the shampoo bar. I am someone with long hair and I usually use much more conditioner compared to shampoo. So I would probably use 2 conditioner bars in the time I use 1 shampoo bar… But I understand this is not the case for all of us. The smell is much very subtle and I not a problem for me. 

Ethique Conditioner bar review

User experience


The Ethique Conditioner bar glides through my hair very easily which at first felt like it didn’t leave any product in my hair to conditioner my hair. Creating a lather in your hands and then spreading it around your hair is also easily. Although this method may take longer compared to directly applying it to your hair. 


Eventhough it felt like I hardly put any product in my hair, I was pleasanly surprised by the preformance of this conditioner bar. My hair felt incredibly smooth while I was rinsing it and it was easy to comb through. Even if I slept with wet hair and waited with combing it untill the next morning. 

Hair health

The next day my hair looked great. There was no friziness (at least not more then normal) and my hair looked healthy and nurished. Brushing was easy and my hair remained looking great for about 3 days when I needed to wash it again. 

Long term

Also after a couple of weeks of use my hair remained in great conditionen. Although it became a little more frizzy but this could also be the poor weather where I live. My hair remained feeling smooth and nurshed. It is easy to comb through and has a gorgeous shine to it. 

Ethique Conditioner bar review

Is the Ethique Conditioner bar good/would I recommend?

I love using the Ethique conditioner bar. It is one of the best conditioner bars I have used in a while and I will purchase it again when I run out. I will keep a look out for discounts though as it was on the pricer side. 


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