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The Top 12 Best Eco-Friendly Hair Brushes to Save the Environment and Your Hair

Updated: 3 days ago

Hair is an important part of our appearance and caring for our hair is often a part of our daily morning and evening routine. Haircare routines vary depending on age, sex, race, ethnicity, and religious practices among other factors. When these practices are excessive or inappropriate, damage can be done to the hair. This includes the choice of your brush. Therefore I have made a list of 12 eco-friendly hairbrushes to not only improve your hair and scalp but also help the environment.

What is wrong with regular hairbrushes

For your hair

Let's start with why you should avoid plastic brushes on your hair. The most important part is that these brushes are often made with a mold which will leave them with a seam down the center. This means that each tooth of the comp can cut your hair shaft and wear your hair.

A brush with pure nylon bristles is also not the best choice as it will pull your hair and cause breakage, especially if you include the use of a blowdryer on wet hair (and this becomes even worse when your hair is dyed or treated otherwise). Metal bristles can be even more damaging to hair because they will strip the hair cuticle from all its natural oil, leaving it unprotected from the elements and air pollutants.

Eco Friendly Hairbrushes - Vegan Hairbrush

Boar bristle brushes may also not be a great choice. While they are often said to be the best hairbrushes, Dr. Mirmirani said that this is a myth. “Boar bristle brushes, which are quite expensive, but a lot of friction on the hair because the bristles come into contact with hair against its natural grain,” explained Dr. Mirmirani. “This can cause a considerable amount of damage, and consumers can save money and keep hair healthier at the same time by buying inexpensive brushes with wide-spaced needles, which are widely available.”


The environment

By now we all should know that plastic takes over 500 years to decompose. But the worse part is that it doesn’t decompose in landfills because natural bacteria often can’t reach our plastic items. Due to a lack of oxygen and UV light. This means it may take even longer for the plastic to decompose. Plastic doesn’t decompose but breaks down into very small pieces of plastic known as microplastic which will remain in our soils for centuries where they will release chemicals into our soils. All the more reason to not purchase any more plastic products.

Why choose an Eco-Friendly brush?

Natural resources

Regular brushes are often made with a mix of materials (plastic with horse or boar bristles). Even though there are programs to recycle hair brushes for many this is not the case and they will end up in a landfill.

The best eco-friendly brushes are made with ethically sourced organic beechwood, bamboo, or other plant materials. These materials are 100% natural which means they can be composted at the end of their lifecycle. This means that an eco-friendly hairbrush or comb will not live in landfills for centuries when you no longer have use for them.

If the bristles are embedded in a soft material in your brush, make sure that natural rubber is used instead of plastic or other synthetic material. If the latter is used, this would make your brush non-compostable.

Another option is to choose a brush made with recycled materials. This may not be the best choice for your hair but it is great to give used items a new life.

For you hair

Brushes made from a natural source like wood or bamboo are great to discourage frizz and static. Another great benefit is that they are far more gentle on thin, dry, or damaged hair as they can very gently dotingly knotted hair. They are also much better for your scalp as they do a much better job at distributing natural oils and gently massaging your scalp compared to plastic brushes and combs.

12 Eco-friendly Hair Brushes

Vegan hair brush

This Redecker handcrafted vegan hair brush detangles and smooths hair like no other. Plastic Free and made without any animal products, this handcrafted, eco-friendly hair brush is made with a sustainably sourced beechwood handle that has been oiled for longevity. The bristles are not made from boars hair but stiff Tampico plant fibers making this a truly vegan brush. It retains shape and even withstands high heat when blow-drying hair.

Eco friendly hair brushes - vegan hair brush

Handcrafted Wooden Hair Brush

This is another beauty from Redecker. Again, made without any animal products, this eco-friendly hair brush is handcrafted to detangle and smooths hair with ease while also massaging your scalp. The wood used for this brush is beechwood that has been waxed with vegan wax while the pins are rounded and made from hornbeam. Both types of wood are ethically sourced so you know you can care about your hair as well as the planet.

Eco friendly hair brushes - handcrafted wooden hair brush

Brush with bamboo

A zero waste and plastic-free hair brush was the goal of Brush with Bamboo. Their eco-friendly bamboo hair brush is a great alternative to plastic ones. The bamboo handle gives it a natural and comfortable feel in your hand while it functions the same as a conventional hair brush. Brush pins may look like plastic but are pure bamboo and the cushion base is natural rubber to make the brush even more gentle on your scalp. Carnauba wax gives a natural shine to this eco-friendly brush.

Eco friendly hair brushes - brush with bamboo

Mini Bamboo Brush

We are not the only ones who want our hair gently detangled. Our kids need an eco-friendly brush too. This smaller version of the brush with bamboo is great for the little ones among us as this one also has no plastic or other synthetic materials. The soft parts of this eco-friendly brush are made with natural rubber while the bamboo is finished with carnauba wax (a plant wax) to give it a natural shine.

By the way, this smaller version is also great to toss in your purse or for when you are traveling.

Eco friendly hair brushes - mini bamboo brush

Peach wood comb

Peach wood is not only gorgeous, but it is also very durable and strong making it great to use for a comb on your luscious locks. This beautifully hand engraved comb is not only suitable for hair on your head, but you could also give it as a gift to someone who loves to give some attention to their facial hair.

Eco friendly hair brushes - peach wood comb

Sandlewood comb

Sandlewood is also a great choice for a comb as it is a great detangled that doesn't rip the hair out and is anti-static. Sandle wood also has an amazing natural scent. This comb is made from green sandalwood, has wide teeth (great for curly hair), and has a heavy feel, which gives it a luxurious feel to them. As wood is a natural product, each comb will have unique patterns and wood grain.

Eco friendly hair brushes - sandlewood comb

Wooden scalp massager

Blood circulation plays an important role in healthy hair and scalp. This wooden scalp massager is an eco-friendly tool that does just that for you. The silicone (remember, silicone is not plastic) bristles can be used to gently detangle your wet hair and softly massage your scalp to ensure great circulation of your scalp.

Eco friendly hair brushes - wooden scalp massager

Go Green Coconut Oil Infused Hair Brush

Strong and healthy hair, was the aim of Go Green. This vegan brush uses Intelliflex bristles to effortlessly detangle, minimizing pain and protecting against split ends and breakage of your hair. These are amazing to distribute all the natural oil through your hair to leave it shiny and smooth. This eco-friendly brush is infused with coconut oil that conditions each strand of your hair, smoothing the cuticle and locking in moisture for gorgeous soft hair that's smooth and shiny. This brush is perfect for all hair types whether it is straight curly, textured, thick, or wavy. This brush is made from plant-based materials so you can be kind to your hair and the environment.

Eco friendly hair brushes - go green coconut oil infused hair brush

ECOistka Detangling Brush

Ecoistka’s eco-friendly detangling brush is created with 100% biodegradable resources. Their hairbrushes serve your hair a wide range of hairstyles and textures from straight to wavy and curly while conditioning your hair and scalp. Each brush has 350 super soft bristles that even come in different colors to make hair brushing a more enjoyable experience for your kids. This amazing detangling brush was specifically with anti-static properties to get rid of detangles and hair damage. Unlike damaging plastic pinned brushes, this brush glides effortlessly through your hair to make it tangled-free and extremely soft. The bristles have a soft spiral design which allows you to use them for all your hair solutions and on all hair types.

Eco friendly hair brushes - ecoistka detangling brush

GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

This vegan brush from gainwell is amazing for your scalp. The cushioned pins provide a gentle, enhancing brushing experience while the top of the hair brush has an air hole to ventilate your brush while you massage your scalp. The round bamboo balls on the ends of the bamboo pins stimulate blood flow without scratching or damaging your scalp. This eco-friendly bamboo hairbrush has an ergonomic handle to fit comfortably in your hand while brushing and gently working out the knots at the ends of the hair.

Eco friendly hair brushes - gainwell bamboo paddle hair brush

Planet Goody Detangling Palm Hair Brush

Even though this is a plastic brush, it deserves a spot on this list as it is made with recycled ocean-bound plastic. The bristles are extremely flexible making them great to use on both wet and dry hair and even for kids who tend to be very fussy when it comes to brushing. The ergonomic design fits comfortably into the palm of your hand making brushing an even more enjoyable experience. Planet Goody aims to use materials such as ocean-bound recycled plastic, and plant-based or renewable materials like bamboo to create affordable products with high-impact style and low impact on the environment.

Eco friendly hair brushes - planet goody detangling palm hair brush

Natural Wood Bristle Hair Brush

This wooden brush is not made from bamboo but from the Hornbeam tree, which grows in the forests of Italy and Poland. This wood is so hard and strong and therefore extremely durable. Hornbeam wood is also known as Ironwood. Wood is naturally anti-static and will calm down your frizzy hair. Wood does not conduct heat, so the brush will remain cool even if you use it during blow-drying. The bristles are also made from 100% wood pins, securely fastened into a rubber cushion set where these rounded wood pins gently massage the scalp and improve circulation while distributing natural oils throughout the hair for a soft and shiny finish.

Eco friendly hair brushes - natural wood bristle hair brush

These are 12 amazing eco-friendly hairbrushes to make your bathroom even more sustainable. Which of these beauties did you like best and will soon become a regular in your zero waste bathroom?

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