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6 Gorgeous Brands of Ethical Swimwear

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

With the rise of global temperature and the rapid climate changes happening these past few years, people are becoming increasingly aware of the effect they have on the planet and what might happens if we don’t work on changing the way we function. More and more animals are going instinct because of the behavior of humans and big corporations. Many animals are in danger especially maritime life because of our use of plastique and the unethical manufacturing of products. With that came ethical consumption. People are now trying to use their Purchasing Power to support the causes that they believe in and discourage the use of non-eco-friendly brands. We have seen that done by buying metal straws by those who can, trying to buy Fairtrade Chocolate and goods. However, many industries with hurtful manufacturing and production for animals and the planet are often overlooked in favor of those more covered by pop culture and the media. That is the case in the swimwear industry. Depending on the material used, the swimwear we enter the see with often contains less than eco-friendly material. But fear not as there is currently a rise in brands offering eco-friendly brands that can help you make the earth a better place for all its inhabitants. We have compiled a list of some eco-friendly brands of swimwear to make it clearer.


This brand based in St. Louis, Missouri is incredibly eco-friendly as it makes its swimwear from recycled textile and ships them in a reusable bag. Furthermore, this textile makes it incredibly sturdy and makes it last for a longer time. Not only that, but it also provides swimwear in all shapes and forms and has made sure of that by studying the measurement of more than 10,000 women. Along with being accessible for everyone, their one-piece and two-piece swimwear sport some beautiful and vibrant designs fit to please many’s tastes. This swimwear is also affordable with a price range starting from $45.



Patagonia is an eco-friendly brand based in California, that manufactures swimwear with recycled fabrics and has collections that are fair trade certified. It’s also important to note that since 1985, the brand donates one percent of its profit to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Buying from this brand not only guarantees that a portion of your money spent on their products is going to a good cause, but it also guaranty that you are buying swimwear practical for many maritime activities. This brand has for philosophy to combine both ethics and practicality by selling rashguards, boardshorts fit for fans of beach sports along with one-piece and two-piece swimwear.


This brand based in Culver City, CA was founded by the World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater with the mission of creating ethical and fashionable swimwear for men. Their swimwear is 100 percent made from recycled polyester with fair trade certified and ethical labor. They were also one of the first brands to use Econyl, a kind of nylon product made from landfill and ocean waste and ghost nets which is a very important initiative in the right way. Without forgetting that they endlessly advocate for the cause of keeping the ocean clean. Additionally, their swimwear that consists of a variety Men’s trunks work on offering a modern and classy aesthetic meant for both practicality and fashion.

Ethical swimsuit brands


Based in Seattle, Washington, TomboyX doesn’t only make swimwear from sustainably harvested material and give their workers living wages but they also manufacture their eco-friendly swimwear in women-owned factories. What makes this brand stand out however is that it aims to break gender roles and provide gender-neutral swimwear for any girl, woman, or person that seeks to change from the classic itsy bitsy bikinis. It offers people the option to express themselves the way they want regardless of their gender identity. They sell one-piece and two-piece swimwear that consists of a variety of different shorts and tops that can be paired. Additionally, this brands value practicality and as such, all their swimwears are quick-drying, equipped with UPF sun protection, and made with Oeko-Tex certified fabrics


This brand whose design is inspired by Saint Barthélemy’s charm and wildlife is not only fashionable and classy but’s also actively eco friendly. The swimwear is made from recycled materials, more specifically with ghost nets they get from the association healthy seas that remove ghost nets lost, forgotten, or thrown in the sea by fishermen. These nets can be incredibly hurtful to the sea’s ecosystem so it is incredibly important to remove them from the ocean. Furthermore, this brand makes everything in Italy just two hours from their factory in an effort to reduce their carbon footprints. So not only do you get classy and fun swimwear but you also help the planet and the ocean wildlife.


Ohoy Swim

This brand offers a variety of simple swimwear made of Econyl, a type of nylon made completely from ocean and landfill wastes. But not only is it eco-friendly but their swimwear is manufactured in a family own factory in Sir Lanka where they spend a lot of time to make sure that the workers are working under appropriate and good conditions. Furthermore, 1% of their profit is given to the non-profit association healthy seas. As for fashion, the founders made sure to embed the sense of Scandinavian simplicity into their swimwear and give them a timeless classic beauty all while ensuring that their swimwear is twice as resistant to chlorine, sun creams, and oils. This brand not only seeks to make an impact but also makes sure to provide beautiful swimwear made to last.

Ocean life is one of the most affected areas when it comes to global warming and pollution, but these brands make their best to do their part in the fight against pollution to preserve our oceans and seas. By prioritizing such brands if you can on your next shopping trip for the upcoming summer, so can you.

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