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Eco-Friendly Underwear: 20+ Sustainable Brands for Your Intimates

Updated: May 3

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What we wear underneath our clothes has just as much impact on our planet as all our other clothes. Underwear is not immune to fast fashion. Victoria’s Secret, one of the biggest brands in lingerie, is also a fast fashion brand. Even though they may not be cheap, their business model is very similar to other fast fashion brands. This fast fashion brand was reported to dump hundreds of new bras in the trash when one of its stores was closing. Instead of donating their goods to women in need, they decided to add them to a landfill. This was not the first time Victoria's Secret was shamed because in 2009 a Bloomberg report revealed was using cotton from forced child labor. And let's never forget the charges of sexual harassment in their corporate headquarters. So even though they make beautiful lingerie, they are not ethical and definitely not a sustainable underwear brand.

Luckily there are lots of brands nowadays that do much better. They make underwear that is safe for your skin as well as the environment and they treat their employees with respect. Below you can find over 20 sustainable underwear brands to feel good about yourself.