My Zero Waste Face Care Routine

Updated: Apr 17

Taking care of the skin on my face in an important part of my day. I have very dry, sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. If I don’t take care of it properly my forehead and lip area will be covered with eczema in no time. Before I used to use commercial brands to help me out but as I tried to live more zero waste, I wanted to find out if there are alternatives available. Read here how I solved this and what my skincare routine looks like today.


As I have very sensitive skin that is prone to eczema, I was very hesitant to substitute my moisturizer that was doing the job just fine (I just didn’t like the plastic tube). But I wanted to give DIYing my own moisturizer a try. I found the blog with lots of great DIY cosmetics. I discovered that she worked with the active ingredients in my current moisturizer (which was urea) and started browsing her recipes. I found a soothing facial lotion that was pretty scary to make for the first time. Lucky for me, my skin was totally ok with it. It gave it much needed hydration without feeling sticky and my skin stayed hydrated for the rest of the day. I was really happy with it. Because of this great experience, I also started making other cosmetics like lotions, soap, and even makeup.  

Sun protection

I use commercial sunscreen on my face and body on days that require it. I don’t recommend DIYing sunscreen as it needs to be thoroughly tested to properly protect you against sun damage. Next to sunscreen I almost always wear some sort of hat outside to either protect my face against the sun or prevent my hair to get frizzy in the rain. 


I hardly use makeup during the week. Only for party’s or other special occasions, I will use some. Recently I purchased Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care by Marie Rayma (the owner of the blog This book has great recipes to make my own makeup. From liquid foundation to concealer and from eye shadow to lipstick. It has lots of recipes to make your own mineral make up. 

Morning & evening routine

At this moment, my morning and evening routine are the same. I start with a wetting a washcloth to wet my face. Then I farther up some coalface soap from Lush (I try to steer away from Lush but this bar lasts forever) to wash my face. I remove the soa

p with the wet washcloth. This soap is great as it cleans nicely without making my skin feel dry.

Next, I use some micellar water (also DIY from on a reusable bamboo cotton pad to remove the last traces of the day from my face. I hydrate my face with the previously mentioned homemade soothing facial lotion. I still need to make a nice night moisturizer but for now, this is my current facial skincare routine. 

I hope that my skincare routine gives you some inspiration to make yours more sustainable and more zero waste. 

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