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From Pages to Practices: Discover the 30 Best Books to Kickstart Your Zero Waste Journey

Updated: 3 days ago

Sometimes reading blog posts just won’t do and you need something more solid to read. In blogpost often only the surface is covered of a topic while a book has so many more pages to cover the same topic so you get much more inept information. Here you can find a list with 30+ zero waste must-read books to just curl up on the couch with on a rainy day.

Where to shop for books

The best place to shop for books is your local library. However, if you are from a small town, like me, the choices your local library has to offer are sometimes limited. If I am lucky I can find one or two books about sustainability and that’s it. So, what are my other options? I try to find books I want to read in secondhand shops. Either in physical shops or online. Now, in my city, there are no more secondhand bookstores but we have 2 secondhand stores with a decent collection of books that I always browse through whenever I am visiting. Try to do something similar when you are browsing for a new book and if there are no secondhand options, I have linked all books I share here.

Beginner Friendly Books

Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet by Ashlee Piper