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Zero Waste Cat 12+ Tips and Ideas for having an Eco-Friendly Pet

Updated: May 30, 2022

Having a cat live in your home is an awesome friend to keep you company but it could also mean adding more waste to your current low waste lifestyle. There are things a cat needs to have it live comfortably in the house with you which could lead to lots of trash. With these zero waste tips and ideas, you can keep your favorite furry friend rather sustainably while enjoying each other's company.

Sustainable cat food

Your cat needs to eat, there is no denying that but there are lots of options available for your cat that differ greatly in how eco-friendly they are for our planet.

Zero Waste Cat -

Buy in bulk

Lots of pet stores are offering food for your pets in bulk nowadays. Just take your reusable bags or containers with you to the store and fill them up so you reduce the amount of packaging you use. If your local pet store does not offer this, look for wholesale pet stores in your area. Just make sure to check if the nutritional value is up to your standards as some of the brands you know might not be available in bulk. Buying your zero waste cat food in larger containers may not be completely waste free but it will reduce the amount in smaller packages you use for cat food.


Make your own

Making your own cat food is also an option. In this case, you buy raw ingredients at the butcher using your reusable containers instead of buying canned cat food. Multiple recipes are can be found but keep in mind that certain vitamins and minerals need to be supplemented for your cat to remain in optimal health. If possible seek out your veterinarian to make sure your feline friend doesn’t get any vitamin deficiencies and the accompanying medical conditions.

Organic Cat Food Brands

If making or purchasing waste-free in bulk is not an option/possible for you, there are lots of sustainable cat food brands that make a great eco-friendly alternative.

Castor & Pollux

At Castor & Pollux they are as much for your pets as you do so they only use organic ingredients produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones, or antibiotics. Their recipes also don’t contain corn, wheat, or soy. They are the leader and maker of one of the top organic pet food brands and they have led the development of an organic ingredient supply chain for pets to be able to make organic Pet Food a reality. Thanks to them, ingredients that weren’t available in a quality, ample and consistent supply until now. Their organic pet food has amazing potential benefits for your cat including a reduction of allergies and itchy skin, reduced digestion problems, and better health overall.

Zero Waste Cat - castor & pollux

Purina Beyond

At Purina Beyond, they know the importance of using ingredients as nature intended. Their formula only uses organic free-range chickens raised without antibiotics or growth hormones as the main ingredient. Essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are added so your cat receives everything they need to support its muscles and improve its health. Purina Beyond high protein cat food gives your adult cat 100% complete and balanced nutrition without the use of corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-products. Officially certified by the USDA which means this organic dry cat food contains no prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, no added antibiotics or growth hormones, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Zero Waste Cat - purina beyond

Vegan Cat Food brands

Lots of vegan cat food brands are available nowadays and it is more sustainable than the non-vegan version but whether or not it is something to consider for your cat is a very personal choice as cats by nature are carnivores.

Ami Cat

This Italian vegan cat food brand is the most comprehensive vegan cat kibble available. Ami Cat is produced with only natural ingredients, without any slaughterhouse by-products, food dyes, GMO ingredients, or artificial preservatives. Formulated to keep your cat in the best of health possible. It is a completely vegan balanced food, enriched with (plant-based) Taurine, an important nutrient for cats that must be included in their diet to ensure good health. In addition to Taurine, Ami Cat food contains other essential nutrients that cats require including Vitamin A and Arachidonic Acid as well as B Vitamins and other Amino Acids for maximum cat health. It also contains the right amount of magnesium to prevent the serious problems that can occur from its lack (hyper-excitability, soft tissue calcification, metaphysos swelling) or its surplus (uralthiasis and cystitis) making it a great choice for your cat.

Zero Waste Cat - ami cat

Evolution Diet

With over 30 years of experience, Evolution Diet has tried and tested many different versions of its formula so they can give your cat their best today. Their vegan formula is a complete meal that contains 100% of the required nutrients as per NRC and AAFCO nutritional profile standards. This High Protein formula of 30% satisfies the nutritional requirements of cats in all stages of life. The supplementation of Taurine ensures proper heart function (lowers the chance of DCM); Healthy skin and a shiny coat. It also improves the quality of breath (no more bad breath!), improves the smell/consistency of stool, and overall body health. This vegan formula is free from any animal products (100% vegan), chemicals/preservatives, or mold inhibitors.

Zero Waste Cat - evolution


As a leader in pet nutrition since 1979 Wysong knows how to develop the best food for your cat without the use of animal products. Their vegan cat food contains a complete spectrum of micronutrients and nutraceuticals which include prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes, omega-3S, antioxidants and so much more to ensure the best health for your feline friend. Flaxseeds are used to provide important omega-3 fatty acids instead of using animal-based products. This formula is free from unnecessary fillers like flavor enhancers or other chemicals. This well-balanced vegan cat food is suitable for all felines of different ages/stages of life and breeds.

Zero Waste Cat - wysong

Zero Waste Cat Treats

Every once in a while, you want to give your cat a nice treat but you want to give something that they love but also something as eco-friendly as possible.


Just like for food, also treats for your cat you can best buy in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. Just check if the brands available are up to your standards and use ingredients you agree with.


Also the treat for your cat you can make at home. But, just like for their food, make sure that certain vitamins and minerals need to be supplemented for your cat to remain in optimal health.

Eco-Friendly Cat Treat Brands

For those among us with no excess to a bulk store and no time to make cat treats at home, I have a few eco-friendly cat treat brands for when you want to spoil your furry friend. Whenever possible I also recommend that you choose something that provides more than just a nice treat like dental care, preventing hairballs, or just improving their health.

Castor & Pollux

Just like their dry food, also their cat treat is made with organic ingredients. With organic free-range chicken as the main ingredient, you are sure that you treat your cat while also making sure they receive the right nutrients. These treats are ideal to reward good behavior or at least good effort for good behavior while training your cat. Free from corn, soy, wheat, or other ingredients your cat doesn’t need.

Zero Waste Cat - castor & pollux

Whole Life

Whole Life's certified organic freeze-dried chicken cubes are amazing nutritious treats for your cat. Only human-grade, non-GMO chicken is used that is free from antibiotics or growth hormones. Designed as a daily high protein snack for your cat or can be crumbled over your pet's food as a meal topper for those picky eaters as these treats have an intense chicken aroma which is hard to resist for most cats.

Zero Waste Cat - whole life

Cat Litter

When you have a pet, they eat and they will poop. There is no avoiding it. When your cat lives indoors they will need a place to do their business which is usually a litter box. There are several options available to fill the litter box but there are some things to take into consideration.

Silica gel

Even though clear silica gel is not toxic for cats or humans, the colored silica gel (often blue) contains a chemical coating that is toxic to cats and can also be toxic to humans. Blue silica gel is generally coated with cobalt chloride and can often be found in cat litter.

Clay litter

Clay is often used to make litter for your cat as it can absorb lots of moisture. However, this clay litter leads to lots of dust particles. When inhaled, these particles can cause irritation, an allergic reaction, and even an asthma attack.

Natural Cat Litter Brands

Worlds best

Words best cat litter aims to provide you with a cat litter that doesn’t smell, is long-lasting, and is 100% natural. Their fast-acting natural cat litter makes cleaning a breeze as this lightweight litter is tested and proved safe to flush, safe for septic tanks and sewer systems. It is silica dust free and made from whole-kernel corn so you and your cats can breathe freely.

Zero Waste Cat - worlds best

Naturally fresh

Naturally fresh has made their natural cat litter from walnut shells which offer pet parents incredible odor control and long-lasting absorbency. These 26 lb bags are completely silica free and will last you for months. This cat litter is 100% natural and environmentally friendly that is virtually dust free and doesn’t stick to your cat's paws so they won’t leave traces in your home.

Zero Waste Cat - naturally fresh

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer cat litter is completely plant-based and made from corn, plant extracts, and baking soda. The latter is excellent odor control. It has excellent absorbency with over twice as much liquid compared clay cat litter. This extremely light cat litter (50% lighter compared to clay) is easy to transport and soft for your cat's paws. The fresh scent fragrance makes this a cat litter you won’t mind using in your home.

Zero Waste Cat - arm & Hammer


OkoCat’s next-generation, plant-based, premium clumping cat litter is relentless at controlling odors while being an amazing absorbent. They are naturally lightweight for added convenience and cleanliness in your home. Wood fibers are used to naturally prevent enzymes from bonding with pet droppings to stop the creation of ammonia and smells. These wood fibers have been screened and de-dusted for a cleaner and healthier home that is free from litter dust. Free of artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs. This natural cat litter is biodegradable and compostable which degrades quickly and cleanly.

Zero Waste Cat - okocat

sWheat Scoop

sWheat Scoop is a super absorbent, all-natural wheat-based litter that eliminates smelly urine and ammonia odors. It is firm and compact and the clumping works 2 times faster for easy scooping. This natural cat litter is free from dyes and perfumes and made from flushable, biodegradable wheat. Wheat natural starches and enzymes trap odors on contact and neutralize urine and ammonia smells quickly to help eliminate unwanted pet odors.

Zero Waste Cat - swheat scoop

Cat Poop

If your cat can go outside, it will usually dig a hole for its poop to bury in. It is their natural instinct. So, if your cat can go outside you should use this possibility.

Eco-friendly poop bags

If your cat doesn’t bury their droppings an eco-friendly poop bag might be an option to take care of their business that they did around your home.

Pay attention to the type of biodegradable use for the bags as not all bags biodegrade the same way. Choose a biodegradable bag that is certified as ASTM 6400 biodegradable as most poop bags are oxo-biodegradable (ASTM 6954) which needs certain environmental conditions to biodegrade while ASTM 6400 biodegradable not.

Eco-Friendly poop bag brands

Give a Shit

The unscented poop bags of Give a Shit are made with ethically sourced ingredients and carefully manufactured from 100% botanical plant components. They use only cornstarch, BPAT (a compostable polymer), and plant-based glycerin for the creation of these poop bags. The bags are TÜV AUSTRIA Home Compost Certified to be of ASTM D6400, EN 13432, and NF T51-800 standards. This means the bags can be composted in your home compost. Not only are their eco-friendly poop bags fully compostable but they also come in a box and reel made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Zero Waste Cat - give a shit

My AlphaPet

My AlphaPet makes poop bags for the environmentally conscious pet owner by making bags that are made from GM-free corn. Their bags are a certified ASTM-6400 Cornstarch Product that also meets strict European VINCOTTE EN13432 standards for backyard composting. These green, unscented bags are leakproof and a great eco-friendly alternative to polyethylene plastic poop bags.

Zero Waste Cat - my alphapet

Composting Cat Poop

Do not put cat droppings in the regular compost bin. Yes, animal droppings are used as compost often but only from animals that are on a strictly plant-based diet. Cats that have eating meat produce poop that can contain bacteria (because cats eat raw meat) that can be harmful to your composting worms. Also, when you use this compost in your veggie garden, you can consume these bacteria and possibly make you sick. If you want to compost their waste, you need a separate composting bin and only use this type of compost on garden plants and flowers that are not for human consumption.

Zero waste pet hair removing

Cats have lots of hair and most of them leave it all over your house. You can vacuum all you want but there is unfortunately no avoiding cat hairs ending up on your clothes. So you need something that removes this unwanted hair from your clothes in an eco-friendly way.

Chom Chom Roller

The Chom Chom Roller easily removes any unwanted cat, fur from couches, beds, comforters, blankets, and any other surface. This eco-friendly pet hair roller uses a premium quality reusable brush to trap pet hair and reduce waste without the use of sticky tapes or adhesive paper. Simply roll it back and forth over a hairy surface to trap pet hairs into the roller. No batteries are required!

Zero Waste Cat - chom chom roller