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Beautiful Affordable Sustainable Sweater Brands for Everyday

Updated: May 3

Whether sweater season is arriving or you are looking for a comfortable yet sustainable sweater so you can turn down the heat a little, sweaters should be part of your sustainable wardrobe. However, if you have worn them all out or the ones you have don’t fit your current style, we have a few beautiful, affordable, sustainable sweaters that are made to last and timeless. These amazing brands provide gorgeous, versatile sweaters that are designed to keep you comfortable and warm all year long.

What makes a sweater sustainable?

Natural Fibers

The material your sustainable sweater is made from largely determines whether it is sustainable or not. So, pay close attention to the materials used in your clothing and avoid cheap sweaters made with synthetic fibers. Not only do synthetic fibers retain odor, but it also has a big impact on our environment. It not only takes lots of energy to make these synthetic fibers, but they also release microplastics when was