Living Sustainable in College

Updated: Apr 17

It has been a while since I finished my postgraduate education but I can still remember the good times of college. Back then I wasn’t living as sustainable as I am today. I cared for not as much as I do today. Looking back I could have done something differently. 

School supplies

Back then I had a laptop but I was more a pen and paper kind of girl. It had fewer distractions (hello Facebook) and I seem to remember everything better when I wrote it down instead of typing. Just the other day I saw a whiteboard notebook which would have been perfect for me back in the day. Taking notes during college and typing them out on my computer afterward (yes this is how I remembered everything the best). Erasing everything afterward so you could use it again. This would have been so great. I opted to go for notepads with recycled paper and a beautiful refillable pen that has lasted me years. 


Gaining weight in your first year of college is almost inevitable. Try to always bring a healthy snack like home cut vegetables or fruit. This way you not only avoid gaining lots of weight but also save a lot of money by avoiding vending machines and your local coffee shop. I have to admit, my bag also almost always contained a bar of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.

For your drinks, bring your own reusable water bottle. Opt to go for an insulated one if you can’t live without your daily dose of caffeine. 


You want to look nice at every party and don’t want to wear the same thing too often. Well, that is going to costs a few pennies or you could host a clothing swap. My friends and I hosted one every 6 months or so. This is a great way to save some money and avoid purchases for new clothing due to changes in weight (guilty here).

Here is how it works; you bring the clothes you no longer love or no longer fit. For every item, you receive a coupon. With these coupons, you can ‘purchase’ items from others without the exchange of money. Often not every piece of clothing finds a new owner. These go to goodwill.

I was a member of a club which meant lots of events. Each of these events had their own t-shirts. I have to admit, I bought a few but only the once I actively help set up and make it into a big success. It might have been smart to buy a few less but at least I have used all those shirts until they completely fell apart. They were great for working around the house. 

Speak up

Don’t be afraid to let people know you care about what kind of planet you leave behind. Once you explain it to them, most will respect your answer and are more curious than you might think. Be patient and explain, you might not change them other overnight but if you made them think about the choices you have made, they might think about the choices they have been and will be making.

I hope these tips will make your student life more sustainable and if you have some more tips I love to hear about them. 

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