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How to Start Baby-Led Weaning

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Raising a child can be a hard journey full of bumps and hardship. From the moment a baby comes into our care, as parents, we do our best to try and provide the best environment we can and assist them throughout their multiple stages of growth. Some of the firsts and most obvious obstacles that arise are often food-related. Weaning is one such example of that. Indeed, the transition of a babies’ diet from liquid to solid is a delicate matter. Most parents tend to lean toward a traditional method which consists of giving the child semi-liquid (organic) food such as pudding and Purée to slowly introduce them to solid food. Although lately, other alternatives are possible and are slowly catching the interest of new parents.

One such method is baby-led weaning. This process consists of bypassing purées and introducing finger food by letting the child feed himself. Many parents are now seeking this method as it has multiple benefits from increasing the child's motor skills to reducing risks of childhood obesity. But like always, trying something new can be a daunting task, especially for someone who has no idea of how to go about starting such a procedure. Whether you're seeking to learn something new or reaffirm your knowledge, here is the solution to this inquiry.