Pregnancy Discrimination part 2

 Starting at a new employer and finding out you are pregnant in one week. 


After my contract with my previous employer was not extended, I have been at home for a while. I was reaching that age in which women start to hear their biological clock ticking therefor my boyfriend and I stopped using anti-conception. I did not want to have a steady job and trying to conceive being dependent on each other. Several months passed by. I applied for several jobs and was invited for interviews several times but still without any luck. At one point I was invited for an interview and then I was called for a second interview. This company hired me and during my trial period in the first month, I would go to China with my boss. Traveling would be a large part of this position so I could get a taste for that immediately. I was really looking forward to this job but it would be more than a month before my first day at work as it was a very busy time for the company.

pregnancy discrimination at work

One week before the start of my new job I had a positive pregnancy test in my hands. Timing was a bit off but we were very happy. I decide to tell my employer after my trial period as it was only very recent and there was still a lot of uncertainty. My first working day was great and I was looking forward to the trip to China. During this trip, I would see my boss approximately 15 hours a day. By this time, the hormones were racing through my body and I was very emotional. I cried almost the whole trip… I really hated myself as I am not an emotional person but there was nothing I could do about it. My boss had some suspicions pretty soon as I refused all alcohol (which I would have done as well if I was not pregnant as I think alcohol and work do not mix), raw meat and eggs. I decided to be honest and told my boss. Luckily it did not have any negative consequences and I could stay after the trial period.


My pregnancy was not easy. I suffered from very low blood pressure and I had lost of pelvic pain. The latter become worse and after a while, I could hardly walk. My midwife told me to stop working (in the Netherlands employers and employees are insured for this so I get paid and the employer can find a substitute for me). I didn’t like not being able to work but my body really appreciated the rest. When I was 36 weeks pregnant I received a letter(!) from my boss saying that they would not extend my contract and I would be exempted from work after my maternity leave.


This was the first step towards the postpartum depression (here you can read more about that).

pregnancy discrimination at work


After the trial period, I hoped this employer would be different from the previous one. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Even though that did not have to tell me why my contract was not extended, I am pretty sure it had to do with my pregnancy.


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