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TotsBots Review - Real Nappy Week Day 4

Updated: May 31

It is Real Nappy Week! Meaning that this whole week is dedicated to celebrate cloth diapers and promote their benefits to make them more mainstream among new moms. During this week I will be reviewing a different cloth diaper brand each day. Today I will be reviewing TotsBots.

Other brands that have been reviewed during this week are Rumparooz, Buttons, Grovia, and Alva.



Background info about TotsBots

TotsBots started at the kitchen table of Fiona. The wife of the husband and wife team that founded TotsBots. Starting with making cloth nappies for her own kids and for the children of friends and family, the business quickly picked up pace as these were the first ravishing fans. In 2003, TotsBots made the first nappy made from one of the most sustainable plants, bamboo. The ‘Bamboozle’ was the first-ever cloth diaper to win the Mother and Baby Gold Award. TotsBots is still a family run business based in the UK where they are very proud to produce their cloth diapers (no made in China!).


TotsBots Diapers

TotsBots has several different types of cloth diapers next to the Bamboozle. They also have the Peenut system, the Easyfit Star, and the Teenyfit Star.

The Bamboozle is a fitted cloth diaper that needs a cover. It is wider compared to other brands so, in the beginning, I could not use my Bamboozles (my newborn baby was only 6 pounds). When she got older, after about 6 months, the Bamboozles were great night time diapers. They are great absorbers and can easily handle a night from 18:30 to 8:30.

As the Bamboozle was too big for my 6-pound baby, I used the Teenyfit Star for the first couple of months. These are suitable from 5 pounds (2,5kg) to 12 pounds (5,5kg) so these fit my tiny baby perfectly. When she got a little bigger, I added a small Zorb insert for extra absorbency.

Tots Bots cloth diaper review

The Easyfit Star is great during the day. It is an all in one cloth diaper that requires only a little folding and is very easy to use. It is similar in use to a disposable diaper so it won’t be a problem for daycare or grandparents.

TotsBots also has the Peenut system. This is an all in 2 system or a snap-in one. The cover has the option to add inserts so you can create a diaper with the amount of absorbency you need. I only use the Peenut covers over the fitted diapers I use.


What I also love about all my TotsBots cloth diapers is that they have the most adorable prints you can imagine. Now that my daughter gets older, she wants to choose her own diaper and she often picks the most colorful TotsBots ones.

I also love the fact that they use a hoop and loop system on all their diapers. I know this isn’t for everyone as some cheeky babies can open these by themselves. My baby girl doesn’t do this (yet) so I can still enjoy this system. It is also my man to-go option. It is just so much more convenient compared to snaps.

TotsBots bamboozle is one of my favorite fitted diapers for my girl as she got older. When you are considering cloth diapers I would recommend buying several systems and brands to find out what you like and what fits your baby and a TotsBots Bamboozle should definitely not be forgotten.

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