8 Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Updated: Jun 3

Did you know that a baby uses about 5,000 diapers in its first 2 years of life (about 7 diapers a day x 365 x 2)? This is a good reason to consider cloth diapers. Even though they might be a little bit more work to deal with, I wouldn’t want to go back to disposables. Why you ask? Here you can read 8 reasons to start using cloth diapers.

There is no smell (yes really). If you have ever been around a little one with a wet disposable diaper you know what I am talking about. This funky smell from disposable diapers is caused by a chemical reaction in the disposable diaper to absorb the liquid and turn it into a gel. This creates the ‘dry feel’ around the babies bum. The only smell I (sometimes) have with my cloth diapers is from a poopy diaper which is my cue for a diaper change.

There are no chemicals involved to create this dry feel in cloth diapers. Which can be a pro and a con. A pro because your little can feel it when he/she has pied. This will make him/her more aware of his/her bodily functions and will help with potty training. Kids are known to be earlier potty trained when they were in cloth diapers. A con because this wetness can cause rashes sooner when the diaper is not changed frequently.

You save money in the long run. Cloth diapers will set you back around €800,- (incl washing)(for all kids). This depends of course on the type you are using. Cloth diapering can be as cheap as €50,- when you use muslin cloths and covers or buy everything second hand but €800,- is an average. Disposable diapers will cost on average €750,- per kid (this of course also depends on the brand). Which is lower but, cloth diapers can be used for multiple kids and can even be sold when your kids are potty trained if the diapers are not too much worn down.

Cloth diapers are made from renewable resources (when avoiding microfiber). They are usually made from cotton, hemp or bamboo. All three are completely natural fabrics. Each with its own properties. You can read about the advantages of each of the fabrics here.

You never run out of diapers. I just need to remember to wash them. This part is easy as I store dirty cloth diapers in a large wet bag. When the bag is full I know I have clean diapers for about a day left and I need to wash the dirty ones.

Your baby will have a big bum. Ok, this is not a pro for everyone but my baby is very skinny and hardly had a butt so for me it was a pro. This big bum is also nice when they start to walk. There is always a nice cushion to break their fall.

It looks adorable. Nothing makes me happier than a warm sunny day when my baby is playing outside in just one of those beautiful cloth diapers. They are just so much fun to watch. There are just so many pretty prints available (addiction hazard) that makes cloth diapering so much fun. 

I hope this list gives you a better insight into why I use cloth diapers.

What was your reason to start or consider cloth diapering?

Was is money or a better planet for your kids or maybe both?

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