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Greening Your Workspace: 20+ Tips for a Zero Waste Office

Updated: Mar 29

Most of us spend a lot of time in an office, whether this is at home or on a location (or swapping between both), a large chunk of the day is spent in an office. But did you know that the office is quite a wasteful place? Paper waste is the biggest contributor to office waste. The average US office worker uses about 10.000 sheets of paper each year (approximately 40 sheets of paper each working day). Most of this paper ends up in the trashcan while about 45% of office paper ends up at the landfill. What is even more staggering is that the production and mainly disposal of waste bring high costs with it. This can sometimes be as high as 4% of a business turnover. So, it is about time to not only save some money and reduce our office waste production.



The biggest contributor to waste in an office is the amount of paper waste. This is luckily easily reduced.

Go paperless