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20+ Awesome Tips how to Save Water

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Only about 2,5% of all the water in the world is freshwater of which about 1,5% is trapped in glaciers so only 1% is easily accessible for human consumption.

So, our fresh water is precious and should be used with caution. Here are a few tips to help you save water.

Turn off the tap

It can be this simple. Just turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, soaping up your hands, shaving, cleaning veggies, or just not using the water in general.

Take a shorter shower.

Most of us need a shower to wake up in the morning. Did you know that the average shower uses around 65 liter/17 gallons of water and lasts about 8 minutes? This results in about 8 liters per minute or 2 gallons per minute. Make it clear how much water you save with each minute you do not use the shower. Even better is to use a bucket to catch the water that is normally wasted when you wait for warm water. This water can be used to flush the toilet or water plants.