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10+ Natural and Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Loofahs

Updated: Mar 27

We all probably have owned a loofah sponge before. Whether purchased by ourselves or receive from friends or loved ones. But did you know these sponges are actually made of plastic? So basically when you are using one of these, you are cleaning yourself with a piece of plastic cloth… Not only that, plastic is known to release microplastics into our bathroom wastewaters which might end up polluting oceans. They look cute but in reality, they are not very eco-friendly. So, when you have used up your current loofah sponge, it is time to take a look at a more eco-friendly alternative for a sponge in your bathroom.

Loofah Plant Sponge

A loofah in its most original form is not actually a piece of plastic but an actual plant. Loofah plants look a bit like cucumbers or zucchinis when they are still on the plant (they are relatives btw). However, the inside of a loofah gourd looks much different. Where a cucumber and zucchini are rather watery and solid on the inside, a loofah gourd is very airy. This makes for a great sponge. After harvest, these fruits are dried and after a couple of days of drying they are peeled and your loofah sponge appears. These sponges are surprisingly sturdy making them great to not only scrub your legs in the shower prior to shaving, but they are also great to clean your pots and pans after a delicious meal.