How to Start Cloth Diapering

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As you can read in other parts of this blog; I got severely depressed after the birth of my little girl. Even though I felt that way, I managed to switch cloth diapers in this dark period. Here you can read how I did this.

How to Start Cloth Diapering

My man and I have always been living very environmentally conscious. We recycle what we can and refuse as much plastic as possible. After the birth of our baby, we did not immediately start to use cloth diapers. With a newborn everything is new and exciting, therefore, we waited a few weeks even tough everything was pre-washed and ready to go. Even a few newborn diapers.

Cloth wipes we used from the beginning. The threshold to start with reusable baby wipes is much lower compared to diaper and when you have a little one, you have loads of laundry anyway. Starting with cloth wipes i an easy first step towards the full-time use of cloth diapers. You could, of course, start using it all at once but in my opinion, taking this step by step it much better manageable. Especially when it is your first baby and there is so much new stuff going on.

When the little one was two weeks old we found a new routine and I dislike the use of (organic) disposable diapers more and more. They just produce so much waste! Even my boyfriend was like ‘when do we start using cloth diapers cause this amount of waste is ridiculous’. My man, who was very skeptical about cloth diapers at first, now want to use them as soon as possible.

We started with one diaper, just to try it. Off course this did not go wel as there were leaks all over. There are differences between cloth and disposables that we forgot about (fit is different, changing more often) in our enthusiasm. So, the next diaper was a disposable one again. Then we tried a different cloth diaper. We kept going like this for a couple of weeks. What I kept in my all the time was: ‘Every diaper we do not have to throw again is a win’. This way we found out which type and brand we liked best and which suits our girl the best. I was very proud of myself for every diaper I did not have to throw away and that I did not contribute to the waste pile.

How to Start Cloth Diapering

Changing a diaper was something that made me happy. In contrast to feeding my baby which was part of the cause of my postnatal depression (click here to read more about that). The prints of the cloth diapers are just so cute. Washing the diapers was a bit of a struggle but I kept going because not throwing away diapers just made me feel so proud of myself that I could make myself do it (washing clothes on the other hand….).

reusable baby wipes

My tips for the transition to cloth diapers:

- Don’t make it too difficult for yourself and take baby steps. 

- Try different types and brand. Not every baby is the same. 

- Start with the use of reusable baby wipes as this is easier and better manageble.

- Next step, start using cloth diapers just during the day.

Keep in mind that every diaper you do not have to throw away is a win.

I hope this helps you transition from disposable diaper to cloth diapers a little.  

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