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6 Amazing Eco Friendly Purse Brands

Updated: May 26

As issues such as global warming and child labor are gaining more and more attention these days, people are becoming increasingly aware of the power they have as consumers. This has led to the rise of what we know as ethical consumerism, which is a form of activism.

This movement believes that you can use your dollar to ‘vote’ for the ethical productions and industries by choosing to buy your products from ethical, fair-trade, eco-friendly brands and boycotting unethical brands to make an impact and push the world toward change through the laws of supply and demands.

Now not everyone has the option or the means to partake in this, but those who do, are always on the hunt for sustainable alternatives to their favorite products. Purses often made with animal leather and sometimes (a little too often) in less than ethical labor conditions. Indeed, animal cruelty and other issues such as the use of non-eco-friendly materials pushes a lot of consumers to rethink their purchase.

Now, at the end of the day, the best way to help is by fighting against waste and reusing products we already own till they can’t be used anymore, but then what? When the times come where you need to buy a new purse another great way to both fight against waste and partake in ethical consumption, would be thrifting. For those who can’t though, we have compiled a list of Eco-friendly brands that might help.