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6 Amazing Eco Friendly Purse Brands

Updated: Dec 1

As issues such as global warming and child labor are gaining more and more attention these days, people are becoming increasingly aware of the power they have as consumers. This has led to the rise of what we know as ethical consumerism, which is a form of activism.

This movement believes that you can use your dollar to ‘vote’ for the ethical productions and industries by choosing to buy your products from ethical, fair-trade, eco-friendly brands and boycotting unethical brands to make an impact and push the world toward change through the laws of supply and demands.

Now not everyone has the option or the means to partake in this, but those who do, are always on the hunt for sustainable alternatives to their favorite products. Purses often made with animal leather and sometimes (a little too often) in less than ethical labor conditions. Indeed, animal cruelty and other issues such as the use of non-eco-friendly materials pushes a lot of consumers to rethink their purchase.

Now, at the end of the day, the best way to help is by fighting against waste and reusing products we already own till they can’t be used anymore, but then what? When the times come where you need to buy a new purse another great way to both fight against waste and partake in ethical consumption, would be thrifting. For those who can’t though, we have compiled a list of Eco-friendly brands that might help.

Upcycled items on Etsy:

 Eco Friendly Purse Brands

Now, this is not exactly a brand in and itself as much as it's an online shopping center in which many craftswomen and craftsman present their works to be sold but it could be very useful when it comes to finding eco-friendly purses or handbags. Considering that Etsy prioritizes handmade and vintage products, it’s no surprise that a lot of the purses sold in there fit the requirement for eco-friendly and fair trade products. On Etsy, all items are hand-made and not produced in factories.

Furthermore, you can even find purses made from upcycled items. Checking out the purses sold on this platform is worth it for those who seek to help the planet, encourage small businesses and find something truly unique.


This brand is perfect for those that seek the classic looks of fancy tote bags and leather purses without the unethical and dangerous labor that comes with most of them. Indeed, Nisolo’s bags are made by an artisan who works in safe conditions along with giving them international market access and fair trade wages. The purses are produced in Mexico and Peru by a skilled team of artisans who will make sure that your bag will turns heads when you get in a room with their classy and elegant appearances. Furthermore, they are made to be quite sturdy and so will last for a long time.

 Eco Friendly Purse Brands


This brand philosophy is along with the line of ‘the less, the better as they try to minimize waste as much as they can by using recycled and upcycled materials to create their purses. They create modern purses with soft and muted colors that give their presence an air of elegance and minimalism. Furthermore, they are made to be practical and useful with enough space for you to be comfortable putting all our necessities. Shipping for this beautiful handbag is not only free but they also send with every domestic order, an extra box that you can fill with used clothes that you can exchange for credits following the lean closet concept.

Rok Cork

Rok Cork is a company that manufactures a variety of products ranging from totes and satchels to wallets, all made with cork, one of the most popular materials for vegan bags. This material is durable and reusable along with having a similar look to leather. As such, these bags would be a great alternative for those that want the charm of leather without animal cruelty. This Canadian company manufactures their products in family-owned workshops in Portugal which guaranty fair pay and a safe working environment. They ship internationally so no matter where you are, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful purses embedded with the charm of the classical purse while being made in a variety of interesting colors and designs.


What makes this brand special is that all their bags are made from reused and recycled materials such as tarpaulin, sails, advertising banners, and car safety belts. This results in the production of sturdy purses practical for daily activities such as going to the gym and it makes them very durable and lasting. Plus, this also makes their bags waterproof and fitting for all kinds of outdoor activities. Their bags are colorful, practical, with tech wear and modern style loved by the youth and fitting for a multitude of occasions. Furthermore, this Danish company, manufacture their products in house or ateliers in Poland under fair conditions. They ship internationally too.


 Eco Friendly Purse Brands

This company manufacture very interesting must-have purses made in Ghana. Now what makes them so special is the fact that they are made of a material called raffia which is a fiber extracted from raffia palm leaves that are weaved using traditional methods by Ghanaians artists. Not only does this guaranty that your bag is made by fairly paid and treated artisans, but it also gives you a chance to appreciate the beauty found in the Ghanian culture through these fun patterned and brightly colored bags. The company based in Ghana provides international shipping for free, so nothing is stopping you from getting your hand on one of their eye-catching products!

In conclusion, there are many varied and practical options when it comes to eco-friendly purses and bags. So for those who are just thinking of getting into ethical consumerism, don’t be scared of finding bland and boring bags and purses as proven earlier. As for those who are regulars, hopefully, this helped broaden your horizons when it comes to Eco-friendly, Fairtrade, and vegan purses.

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