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My Honest Review of Kitsch Shampoo Bar Rice Water

Updated: 6 days ago

Step into the world of beauty innovation with Kitsch shampoo and conditioner bars, the brainchild of Wisconsin native Cassandra Thurswell. Founded at the youthful age of 25, Kitsch has blossomed into a global powerhouse, driven by positivity and unwavering dedication. From humble beginnings with a concise business plan in 2010, Cassandra's vision has flourished, offering easy, elevated beauty solutions that exude reliability and sustainability. Now gracing over 20,000 retail locations worldwide, Kitsch has become synonymous with quality and conscientiousness. As a prominent entrepreneur featured in esteemed publications like Forbes, Cassandra continues to redefine the beauty landscape, crafting sustainable solutions for every facet of your day. Join us as we delve into the transformative world of Kitsch and discover beauty reimagined.

kitsch shampoo bar review

About Kitsch

At Kitsch, we live by the mantra that the smallest details can ignite the most profound changes. That's why our passion lies in crafting shampoo and conditioner bars that redefine beauty routines. Committed to sustainability without compromising effectiveness, we meticulously select every ingredient and design choice. From embracing biodegradable packaging to incorporating cruelty-free ingredients, each decision reflects our dedication to both your beauty needs and our planet's well-being. With Kitsch, every lather is a testament to our commitment to providing an eco-conscious, top-tier experience, where sustainability and quality seamlessly intertwine.

Kitsch Certifications

Kitsch Shampoo Bar proudly boasts its Leaping Bunny certification, a testament to its commitment to cruelty-free practices and ethical beauty. However, while this certification shines brightly, it's the only one the brand currently holds. Despite their efforts, Kitsch Shampoo Bar lacks additional certifications that validate their sustainability practices, leaving eco-conscious consumers wanting more assurances about the product's environmental impact.


When my order arrived, I was immediately impressed by the thoughtful and eco-friendly packaging. The shampoo and conditioner bars were securely nestled in a sturdy cardboard box, cushioned by layers of extra paper to ensure they arrived in perfect condition. Each product was housed in its own minimalist cardboard box, which not only reflected a sense of understated elegance but also emphasized the brand's commitment to sustainability. Inside these sleek boxes, the shampoo and conditioner bars were further protected, wrapped in grease-free paper to prevent any damage during transit. This additional layer of protection demonstrated an attention to detail that I greatly appreciated. Unpacking the products felt like unwrapping a gift, transforming the experience into a small, delightful ritual. The entire presentation was a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic charm, setting a high standard for eco-conscious packaging.

kitsch shampoo bar review

Kitsch Shampoo Bar Review

Discovering the perfect eco-friendly hair care solution can be a game-changer, and the Kitsch shampoo bar might just be it. Join me as I delve into my experience with this innovative product, exploring its performance, packaging, and the sustainable benefits it brings to your beauty routine.

Kitsch shampoo bar ingredients

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (1), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate (1), Vegetable Glycerin (2), Hydrogenated Castor Oil (3), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (3), Hydrolyzed Rice Protein (2), Natural Fragrance (4), Iron Oxide

1: Surfactant

2: Humectant

3: Emolient 

4: Fragrance

According to the ingredients, Kitsch doesn’t use palm oil or sls in their shampoo bar.


Older versions of Kitsch conditioner once included silicone ingredients such as Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone in their shampoo and conditioner bars. Cyclomethicones, in particular, have been shown to be toxic to aquatic organisms and are known to bioaccumulate in aquatic life, as evidenced by laboratory studies. Moreover, when silicones enter our bodies, they can negatively impact our hormonal systems. In response to these concerning findings from recent research, Kitsch has adapted their formulations, and their products now proudly contain no silicone. This change reflects Kitsch's commitment to both consumer health and environmental sustainability.

First impression

With it’s 91grams, the Kitsch shampoo bar is a rather large bar which means you get a lot of shampoo bar for your money. Eventhough the ingredients state that a fragrance is used in the bar, to me, is hardly smells like anything. Which I think is great because I don’t like a smell of my skin and hair care produts. 

User experience


At first, it took a bit of effort to work up a lather in my hands with the bar. The lather wasn't especially foamy, but what it lacked in bubbles, it made up for in manageability. Once I started applying it to my hair, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it spread, coating every strand of my long hair evenly. Even washing my scalp, which can sometimes be a challenge, was no problem at all with this shampoo bar. It seamlessly reached every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough and satisfying clean without any hassle.


After washing my hair, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and clean it felt. Unlike some products that leave my hair feeling stripped of all its natural oils, this shampoo bar struck the perfect balance. My hair was refreshed and revitalized without any dryness. This left me confident that I could comfortably go about three days before needing another wash, which is consistent with my experience using other quality shampoo bars.

Scalp health

I’ve struggled for a while with both liquid shampoos and shampoo bars that consistently left my scalp feeling dry and unbearably itchy. The constant discomfort made me hesitant to try new products, but then I tried the Kitsch shampoo bar. To my delight, this shampoo bar was a game-changer. It cleansed my hair thoroughly without any of the itchiness that typically follows a wash. My scalp felt comfortable and hydrated for days afterward, a rare and welcome relief. However, the experience wasn’t entirely perfect. Despite its soothing properties, the Kitsch shampoo bar didn’t seem to help with my frizzy hair, which was disappointing. I hoped for smoother, more manageable locks, but at least I found a product that keeps my scalp happy and healthy.

Long term/after a couple of weeks

After a couple of weeks of using the Kitsch shampoo bar, I observed a remarkable difference in the health of my scalp. Typically, I struggle with occasional itchiness that can be quite irritating, but since incorporating this product into my routine, those episodes have significantly diminished. My scalp has remained noticeably calmer and more balanced. The soothing effect of the shampoo bar has made my hair care experience much more pleasant, and I no longer find myself constantly scratching or feeling uncomfortable. This simple change has truly transformed the condition of my scalp, providing a sense of relief and comfort that I didn't realize I was missing.

kitsch shampoo bar review

Is the Kitsch shampoo bar good/would I recommend?

Although the Kitsch shampoo bar stands out as one of the most expensive options I've ever encountered, it is undeniably worth every penny. In my experience, the exceptional quality of this product justifies its higher price point, as it delivers remarkable results that have left a lasting impression on me. From its luxurious lather to the way it leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean and revitalized, the Kitsch shampoo bar surpasses all others I have tried. If it comfortably fits within your budget, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Kitsch shampoo bar a try.


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