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Carry Your Values: The 16 Best Ethical Backpacks

Updated: May 2

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Spending time outdoors has many proven and unproven scientific benefits. Outdoor can mean a lot of things, I mean a lot: from just being outside in your (green) backyard or a local park to several days of hiking in the wilderness without a plan to return to your home (just kidding).

For example, walking in nature has memory-promoting and de-stressing effects, reducing inflammation and eliminating fatigue. Also, it may help fight depression and anxiety. Moreover, it lowers your blood pressure and may protect your vision. Finally, spending time outside can improve your focus so that you may perform better concerning creative tasks, and, in the end, it may even prevent cancer and boost your immune system.

Having all this in mind, it should not be hard to "force" yourself to go into nature—in the beginning, it may seem like a task, but in no time, you will get hooked on that great feeling you get when surrounded by trees, green color, and calming surroundings.