Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable cotton rounds are such an easy and affordable way to reduce your waste. If you just want to find out if adopting a zero waste (ish) lifestyle is for you, you can take the first step by using reusable cotton rounds. They have great advantages over disposable face pads like they don’t frizz as much and are much more sturdy. In my Etsy shop, you can find multiple types of reusable face pads. Each has its own properties and advantages. Here you will find a short overview of each of the types. All of them are 7cm or 3 inches in diameter. This is larger than the most disposable ones. I personally like this size to remove make-up or clean my face.

Reusable cotton rounds

The cotton face wipes are the most budget-friendly of the three types. You can also wash them on the hottest as cotton is a very sturdy fiber (you can read more about this here). This makes removal of stains of mascara or foundation easy.


The bamboo face rounds are the softest of the three materials. Bamboo is a very fragile fiber, therefore, it is combined with organic cotton to make them stronger. It is recommended to wash bamboo face wipes on a lower temperature compared to the cotton face wipes to make them last longer. Because they are so soft, the bamboo face wipes the most popular of the three.




Washable face rounds made with hemp are the most sustainable of the three (you can read more about this here). As hemp is known to be a very rough fiber, it is combined with 45% organic cotton. The fabric is softened up to make it feel like fleece so soft. The hemp pads are the thickest of the three.


I like to use these pads to clean my face at the end of the day. As bamboo and hemp cannot be washed at high temperatures, mascara and foundation might leave behind some staining. These stains are the pigments in the make-up that are now attached to the fibers. This will wear out eventually.

Reusable cotton rounds

Which of the three you prefer is very personal. Therefore, I also sell testing packs with 3 pads of each of the materials. This way you can test for yourself which you prefer.

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