Alva Baby Review - Real Nappy Week Day 5

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It is Real Nappy Week! Meaning that this whole week is dedicated to celebrate cloth diapers and promote their benefits to make them more mainstream among new moms. During this week I will be reviewing a different cloth diaper brand each day. Today I will be reviewing Alva.

Other brands that have been reviewed during this week are Rumparooz, Buttons, Grovia, and TotsBots.

Background info about Alva Baby

Alva Baby is a Chinees based company that started in 2006. Alva has been rewarded with awards for outstanding product quality and services. One of Alva’s core values is to provide quality cloth diapers to even the smaller budget while still providing great product quality.

As Alva Baby is produced very close to where their recourses are produced, there is no trader in between keeping the costs incredibly low.

Alva Baby diapers

Alva produces several types of diapers (among other baby-related products). The fitted diapers, the pocket diapers, and inserts for pocket diapers.

Their fitted diapers are not something I have tried but I have been told they are very unique. They are made with bamboo just like TotsBots bamboozles but instead of mixing the bamboo with cotton-like TotsBots did, they mixed it with deacon (a fiber made with a polyester mix) for super-fast absorbency. They have several lines of snaps to adjust the sizing so you can create a fitted diaper in 4 different sizes to make sure the diaper grows when your baby does. Their extra ruffled edges along the legs help to keep blowouts within the diaper.

The pocket diapers are what Alva Baby is known for. They have hundreds (yes really) of different prints available to suit everyone's different tastes. My man loves the ones with rockets or lego while I prefer the more floral printed ones.

They even have different types of pocket diapers. Some have bamboo interior while others have black bamboo charcoal inside and others have a suede inside. All 3 different materials are made to wick moisture away from the baby’s skin so the insert underneath can absorb the moisture and the baby’s skin feels dry.

All pocket diapers also have a double gusset system to prevent blowouts as much as possible. Compared to disposable diapers or all in one diaper, pocket diapers are a bit more work because of the stuffing of the insert into the diaper. However, all these cute prints make it worth the extra work and I love seeing my baby girl in a pocket diaper with a cute print.

They have different sizes and types of inserts for their pocket diapers. Most of them are made from microfiber to absorb moisture as fast as possible. Bamboo charcoal is a heavily treated bamboo fiber to act like a microfiber. So this is bamboo that also absorbs very fast. They also have to insert completely made with bamboo (I have a few of those) if you like the void microfiber.

Alva Baby is one of my favorite pocket diapers during the day. When you are considering cloth diapers I would recommend buying several systems and brands to find out what you like and what fits your baby and an Alva Baby pocket diaper is definitely you should give a try.

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