Pros and cons of a breech birth

By now you may know that I wanted to try a breech birth. This might seem like a scary option compared to the C-section alternative but both options have pros and cons.

Pros and cons of a breech birth

Advantages Vaginal Breech Birth:


- Natural proces

- Short recovering period

- Boost for baby’s immune system because the bacterial in the birth canal

- High chance of success for breastfeeding

- Short stay in the hospital

- Next delivery will possibly be easier

- Fewer risks during the next pregnancy

- Strong feeling of power and confidence after birth

Disadvantages Vaginal Breech Birth:


- Death rate 0,04 per 1000

- Long painful procedure

- Higher chance of tearing and high blood loss

- High chance of damaging the pelvic floor with incontinence of stool and urine

- Higher chance that the baby might be injured (on its head or collarbone) because of the delivery-

- Higher chance of defects in baby’s hip development

- Earlier sensation to push Last part of the delivery is the most difficult as the head comes last. 

Pros and cons of a breech birth

Advantages C-Section:


Less damage of the pelvic floor

Often can be planed

Takes 30 minutes to an hour

A feeling of control over the birth proces



Disadvantages C-section:


Severe abdomen surgery

Long stay in the hospital

The scar tissue can cause internal organs to grow onto the abdominal wall

Death rate 0,53 per 1000

Chance of infertility

Increase chance of miscarriage with next pregnancy

Can affect bonding between mom and baby

Lower succes rate breastfeeding

Feeling of failure


If a breach birth is possible depends on a few factors like:

- How many kids you have

- Estimated birth weight

- Circumference of baby’s head

- Experience of your OBGYN


Eventhough it was my first, my baby was estimated to be 3kg/6,5lb and her head circumference was estimated lower than average. I was also not looking forward to having a C-section as it is a severe surgery in which lots of my friends suffered from long after the procedure. I  wanted my baby to have the boost of its immune system through natural birth. My OBGYN left the decision up to me. She had experience with breech births which gave me confidence that I could at least try to do it.

Unfortunately, these refecrences are in Dutch.