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16+ Best Zero Waste Dish Soap Options to Try Today

Updated: Mar 27

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Whether you are at the very beginning of creating a zero-waste kitchen, or you have been living sustainably for a while now, switching to a zero-waste dish soap is an easy thing to do.

Not many of us like to like to do our dishes, but this does not mean we should not pay attention to the products we use to clean our pots and pans. Many dish soaps are not very eco-friendly and contain lots of harsh surfactants that are not only very drying for your skin but also harmful to our environment. Luckily, manufacturers are becoming more aware that we as the consumer want to reduce the impact we make on our planet and we want to use products that support this goal. Below you find 16+ best zero waste dish soaps for sparkly clean dishes.


What is the most eco-friendly way to wash dishes?

There has always been an ongoing debate about whether or not it is more eco-friendly to do the dishes by hand or by using a dishwasher. Generally speaking, a