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From Bean to Brew: The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Coffee

Updated: Mar 28

Ok, I have to admit, I am not so much a coffee drinker but my man is. Like many other coffee addicts, he looks (and feels) like a zombie until he had his first dose of caffeine. He is not alone, about one-third of the people in the United States drink coffee every day. Starbucks is the most famous one for its daily caffeine intake. Did you know that 6 billion disposable Starbucks cups were thrown away each year? This was a shocker to me… Even the paper cups are not really paper. These cups are often lined with plastic making it impossible to recycle. So what can you do to reduce your waste but still have your daily dose of caffeine?

How to make zero waste coffee at home.

Drip machine

A drip machine is one of the most often used by people making coffee at home. This is mostly because it is very easy to use. You only have to add a cup of water and a scoop or two of your favorite coffee and the machine does everything for you. Drip machines are widely available everywhere and have different price points to suit everyone's budget. Sometimes they are even available second-hand to make it even more environmentally friendly. This easy two-step system does not require a lot of cleaning which is a big benefit compared to many other methods.