What is Zorb?

No, I am not going to talk about rolling around in a big ball but about the increasingly popular highly absorbing fabric called Zorb.

Zorb is produced by Wazoodle LLC in the US or Canada. They claim to have one of the most absorbing fabrics that are also thin, cost-efficient, hypoallergenic and safe for babies. In short, an ideal product for cloth diapers,inserts for cloths diapers, nursing pads, menstrual pads etc. 

According to Wazoodle, the fabric can hold up to 10 times its weight in moisture and can absorb about 20 times faster compared to other fabrics. They also claim it dries fast and it is produced in an environmentally friendly way. This all sounds great of course but what is Zorb? I dove into it and found that there are different versions of Zorb. Some versions are combined with microfiber. As this is not a natural product, I did not look into it further.

I also found Zorb fabric with bamboo and organic cotton. This appealed to me more. This is also the Zorb fabric I use in products in my shop. This fabric contains 70% bamboo viscose with 30% organic cotton on the outsides (which is nice against delicate skin) filled with Zorb fibers.

Ok, this is nice to know but I still don’t know what Zorb exactly is. Also, the website is not very clear about this so I e-mailed Wazoodle this question. Zorb appears to be a fiber made from cellulose fibers from bamboo and cotton combined with poly microfiber. The exact combination is a company secret of course. Bamboo and cotton are natural fibers. Polymicrofiber is not a natural fiber. Microfiber is a very thin synthetic fiber made from all possible combinations of natural and synthetic yarn. These fibers have an average of 0,012-millimeter diameter. This means this yarn is about 10 times thinner than a human hair. The benefit of this is that it can absorb moisture fast and that it dries quickly. The big disadvantage is that it is made from petroleum. A fossil fuel.

Even though cloth diaper inserts or nursing pads can be used over and over again till they fall apart, it remains a form of plastic and I advise the use products without Zorb (like this) if you prefer not to use plastics. 

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